As a young woman, Gwen Evans turned her parents Victorian farmhouse into a bed and breakfast. Here she lives quietly, sharing her simple LDS faith with visitors and touching their lives in lasting ways.

Peace is certainly what Alison Melton is searching for. This brief family holiday is her desperate attempt to renew the bond she and her husband once shared. Megan and her sister Charlotte come searching for a vital link in their family family history, but the comfortable and secure lives they have known are threatening to dissolve. Australian-born Oscar and his two British cousins  have come to Haven at the insistence of there grandmother, who hope to reconcile her divided family. Then there's Edward Anderton, a widower who has return repeatedly over the years but will he face an insurmountable barrier to only marry a man who shares her faith?

Author: Anna Jones Buttimore


  1. Oops, 2nd paragraph, 6th line down, should be "their" not "there."

  2. Just read the Mormon Times review. Looks good. Two things that were in the review but are not mentioned above but probably should be are: 1. It takes place in Wales, 2. This is the first installment of a planned trilogy.