Waking in Tombstone

When Libby Campbell, dressed like a boy, escapes her abusive Kansas City master, she pleads with a preacher to take her with him to his church assignment in Tombstone, Arizona. Arriving in a city reeling with tumult after the terror of the OK Corral shoot -out, Libby and Cotter impact the pandemonium with their steadfast hard work and faith.

Cotter— drawn after the historic Endicott Peabody of Massachussetts—tames the upheaval with heartfelt sermons, a baseball team, and the construction of a beautiful chapel that still stands as a monument to what one man, awake and dedicated, can do in an environment of disruption and fear.

"It's a clean page-turner." Deborah Bazotti, Daily Herald

Author: Marilyn Brown


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  2. I always search for things that are interesting to read and this looks the same. I must say that it has the good story line, and will be looking for soft copy of it

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