Meridian Magazine

12 March 2012: Targets in Ties--Adventure on a Mission 
16 February 2012: No Escape-- This one, by far, is Buttimores's best.
26 January 2012: Double Deceit--All the Elements of a Good Suspense Novel
15 September 2011: Identity--If you enjoy Adventure and Mystery/Suspense, this is for you
01 September 2011: Hang 'Em High-- Clever Dialog is Well Worth the Price of the Book
10 March 2011: Dearly Departed--Readers of All Ages Will Enjoy This One
20 January 2011: Oh, Say Can You See?--Fascinating Way to Become Better Informed About Our Past
13 December 2010: Sun Tunnel and Secrets--Delightful Look at Small-town life
June 2010: The Route--A Fun Read that Will Leave a Warm, Lasting Impression.
January 2010: Missing--An Author to Watch

Mormon Times

26 February 2012: No Angel--An Entertaining book of angelic proportions.
12 February 2012: Double Deceit--Will Have You Turning Pages on the Edge of Your Seat
4 February 2012: Just Shy of Paradise--A Fine Example of LDS Fiction
28 January 2012: Hang 'Em High--A Fun-filled mystery
22 January 2012: In God Is Our Trust--Crisp Details Breathe Life into a Pivotal Time in American History.
15 January 2012: Cold River--Light and Enjoyable Romantic Suspense
8 January 2012: Identity--A Mystery of Twin Proportions
24 December 2011: Lydia--A Fitting Tribute to 18th Century England

LDS Women's Book Review

2 March 2012: Northanger Alibi--Clean Romance with Many "Giggle" Moments
24 February 2012: Targets in Ties--Is it possible for this series to get even better? Yes!
14 December 2011: Cold River--I enjoyed the great characters
5 November 2011: Identity--You'll enjoy this LDS mystery/romance
28 October 2011: Double Deceit--You will Love this Angst Filled Mystery
27 September 2011: Hang 'Em High--A Guaranteed Intriguing Mystery, Entertaining Story, and a Good Laugh or Two
2 September 2011: Heart of a Hero--If You Like Good, Old Fashioned Romance, You'll Love This Book
22 February 2011: Dearly Departed--Clean Writing, Memorable Characters, and Story Both Fun and Suspenseful
3 February 2011: Queen in Exile--5 out of 5 and I would read it again!
14 January 2011: Bro Jo's Guide to Relationships for LDS Young Single Adults and Bro Jo's Guide to Casual Group Dating of LDS Youth--Everyone with a Teenager NEEDS These Books!
30 July 2010: Chocolate Roses--A Fun, Satisfying, and Tasty Read
1 June 2010: Awakening Avery--A Story that will Stay with You for a Very Long Time.
4 March 2010: Love Your Body--This Book Encourages Women to See Themselves How God See Them
14 January 2010: Haunts Haven--This is a Keeper and will be Read Again and Again.
24 October 2009: The Route--From the First Page to the Last, It's a Fulfilling Trip
13 September 2009: Illuminations of the Heart--Get Lost in the Romance and Suspense

Association for Mormon Letters

26 September 2012: Dangerous Favor--I recommend this book to anyone who would like to get lost in another time and have a bit of romance and danger to spice the journey up.
4 May 2010: Missing--A Strong, Compelling Story
23 January 2012: No Angel--Helped Me Visualize the Battle that Really is Taking Place for our Souls
23 January 2012: Pride & Popularity--Clean, Uplifting Reading Material for Teens
16 January 2012: Just Shy of Paradise--Presented a Multifaceted Story that All will Enjoy
15 October 2011: Pride & Popularity--Exceeded my Hopes

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