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The Princess and the Pesky Pea

Ivee is an orphan whose aunt took her away from her hometown of Shelley, Idaho. Many years later, at age nineteen, Ivee has returned to Shelley to teach school, but she barely remembers the place and doesn’t think she fits in. 

Then she meets Lance, a handsome boy who disappears for weeks at a time. When Ivee decides to follow the trail of peas he leaves for her, she passes through a magic door into a place called Fenmore Falls. In this enchanted kingdom, Lance is a prince . . . and betrothed to a faraway princess.

Ivee tries to deny her feelings for Lance, but she simply can’t forget him. When fate leads her to the castle, she learns there are people who will do anything to keep her away from the prince. Ivee can give up and return home to Idaho, or fight for a chance at true love.

An orphan girl from Idaho couldn’t marry a prince . . . or could she?

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Author: Tarrah Montgomery

Nephi’s Handbook for a Happy Life

The Book of Mormon prophet Nephi is a hero for Latter-day Saints. He had tremendous faith and never seemed to complain. How did he stay strong with all of the hardships he experienced? How did he maintain a good attitude through all of his trials? The answer is his attitude—his perspective on life.

On Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, images with quotes are the current craze. People are looking for something to lift their souls—something to bring them encouragement, peace, and hope. With its brief text, inspirational quotes from Church leaders and scholars, and beautiful photographs, this book fills that void for Latter-day Saints. Each excerpt teaches readers how to be more like Nephi and how to maintain hope as they pass through everyday challenges as well as soul-stretching trials. 

Nephi’s Handbook for a Happy Life makes a great gift book, but buyers will also want to purchase a copy for themselves to glean from over and over again.

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Author: Alicia Banta

So Blessed

This inspiring book will encourage you—even during difficult days—to recognize the many blessings in your life. So Blessed features various topics for reflection to remind you of Heavenly Father’s love for you and His watchcare over you. With over forty subjects such as family, the Atonement, talents, serving others, hope, nature, and laughter, this book is sure to cheer your heart and lighten your step. Stories, heartfelt experiences, and quotes from scripture and beloved Church leaders will lift you to greater heights of gratitude for God’s blessings.

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Author: Susan Chadaz

Fifty-Five Days of Faith: The Remarkable Life of Dick and Marsha Lavin

Would I join a church in which only half of my children could fully participate because of their African lineage? Dick and Marsha Lavin made that tough decision on April 14, 1978. After searching for years, their family, including their two biological children and their two adopted black children, felt right about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter‑day Saints. But at that time, the Church did not allow blacks to hold the priesthood. Dick offered a particularly fervent prayer the morning of June 8, 1978. Later that day, the revelation on priesthood was announced: all worthy male Church members age twelve and older were now eligible for priesthood ordination.

Dick and Marsha’s faith in God began when each experienced a profound loss at the age of seven. That faith continued to grow throughout the couple’s life journey together. Marsha and Dick ended up with nine children—seven of them adopted—and an extraordinary story to tell.
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Author: Marsha Jane Lavin, Editor: Marci McPhee