Escape to the Sea

A year and a half after Shanna King was abandoned at the alter, her uncle convinced her to work as a singer on the cruise ship he captains. Soon she learns Uncle Carl's true motive—to pair her up with his first officer, Riley Evans, a handsome young widower. For six months on board the Oral Oasis, Shanna has refused to succumb to her uncle's match making attempts.

Life at sea gets more complicated as precious jewels are stolen from the Coral fleet cruise ships. Shanna"s diamond earrings, a gift from her deceased father, end up missing. When the cruise line investigates the modern-day piracy, dangerous events are set in motion, and Shanna looks to Riley for rescue. The ocean has healed her heart, but will he open his to love again?

Author: Tera Mecham

Cupcake Girl

Seventeen-year-old Max Rodgers has had a crush on his best friend, Lexie Duncan, since forever. From their childhood games as the unstoppable superheroes Strong Man and Cupcake Girl, to carefree days at the lake to the ups and downs of high school, the two are inseparable.

But after Max finally finds the perfect moment to kiss Lexie, she abruptly leaves for the summer with little explanation. Heartbroken, he begins to search for meaning in his life. And when she returns, facing her own demons, everything he once thought he knew about her has changed.

Will Max and Lexie realize they need each other, or will Max lose Cupcake Girl forever? A story of courage, hope, and newfound faith, this book is a must-read for those who believe in the power of love.

"Amazing! Fantastic! Fabulous! And every other word out there that speaks the praise that I give this book!" —Erin Napier

Author: Catherine Doxey White

Living it Down

Carrie Burke has it all—marriage to a successful lawyer, two lively teenage daughters, a beautiful home, he gospel. Why isn't she happy? Confused, joyless and depressed, she questions her own worth and decides to take a "time out" to reevaluate her life. Her husband Morgan calls it selfish. Carrie calls it self-preservation. Renting the basement apartment in Aunt Sophie's Vintage Victorian home brings its own set of challenges.  Coincidence brings an old flame, Todd Kendall—a man Carrie never wanted to see again—back into her life. To guide her daughter through a moral crisis with a predatory boy, she realizes she needs the help of both Todd and Morgan. In her spiritual quest to reconnect with her values and reclaim her best self, Carrie yearn to find joy again, and in the process discovers that maybe there's no such thing as coincidence.

Author: Pamela Williams

A Strand Of Doubt

Jana Clawson has a propensity for Chinese food, M&M's, and chocolate chip cookies, and she deals with opposition with a wry sense of humor. She is caught up in a whirlwind known a Trevor Willis, the most eligible non-Mormon bachelor in Portland. He is perfect in every way, but will his secrets be too much for their relationship?

While Jana escapes to the Oregon Coast to make a decision about Trevor, a car accident stirs Jared Carpenter—a physical therapist with kind brown eyes who never turns down a homemade meal— into the mix. Unknown to Jana, events set in motion six years ago threaten everything she holds dear, and her life depends on one or both of these men. Combining suspense, intrigue, action, and understated humor, this book will keep you turning pages.

Author: Donna Fuller

Borrowed Angel: Coping with the loss of a child

Borrowed Angel is the poignant story of a mother who lost her first child to sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). In this captivating book, the author describes her journey through the gauntlet of grief and reveals how hope can be found even amid tragedy.

Weaving spirituality with a practical approach to healing, Borrowed Angel reflects on motherhood, the grieving process, and the power of the Atonement of Jesus Christ.

"I loved this book.." Sann Grave

Author: Erica Kiefer

Family Night Lessons to Prepare Your Child for Baptism

This book is full of fun and creative family night lessons to help your child get ready to be baptized. Easy-to-prepare lessons emphasize the principles the child needs to understand, including the Atonement, obedience, covenants, tithing, and many others. Missionaries and Primary leaders will also find useful ideas for reinforcing gospel concepts.

Author: Alison Palmer

Hope: A Historical Novel

Isaac Shaw is dead. For sixteen years, his family has struggled on in shame, believing he died a criminal—responsible, in 1837, for burning down the local mill and causing the death of several villagers, including the wife of the mill owner. Since that fateful night, the family has survived due to the remarkable charity of Edward Reeve, the bereaved mill owner, who now employ Issac Shaw's Sons, Will and Manny.

When Manny decides to run away, the decision takes him into the path of a traveling Mormon elder, a meeting that threatens the Shaws' well-being. Charged with the care of a letter challenging the village's history, Manny must find a way to reveal the true the true identity of Hope, the young woman he loves. It is a quest destined to change him and his family forever.

Author: Seth Wilkins

The Rosefields of Zion

It is 1925, and the Rosefields has refused to sell their farm to make space for a visitors center in Zion National Park. When the parents die and the family is forced to deal with the government, the brothers send their only sister, Marissa, to secure the land title at the Washington County Courthouse. There she meets a handsome title recorder from New York City whose ambitions will impact her life an d the lives of her family members forever.

"I was held in this book's spell from start to finish—transported to another time and place...." Josi S. Kilpack

Author: Marilyn Brown

Hearth Fires: A Romantic Suspense Novel

Mackenzie Graham's ideal assignment—writing an article on storybook homes—takes a dangerous turn when she photographs a clandestine meeting between a prominent judge, a black-market kingpin, and a crooked cop. Rescued from harm"s way by a rugged cowboy-attorney, Mackenzie finds her career and life forever changed.

Flying bullets and wild bulls team up with romance and suspense in the classic Keddington tradition. This exciting new novel will warm you on the coldest of nights.

Author: Dorothy Keddington

Men of Destiny

Contemporaries by birth, Abraham Lincoln and the Prophet Joseph Smith, shared extraordinary connections beyond the hardships they endured. Being raised in a poor farming family, suffering the loss of an older sibling, receiving little formal education, and experiencing a spiritual reawakening helped to shape Lincoln's life and Joseph's. The service given to fellowmen and country, each marrying the woman he loved despite opposition from her family, and to rise to leadership kept Lincoln and Joseph on the same path. And in the end, they shared one remarkable common destiny—each died a martyr for the principles he believed in.

Bringing Up Our Children In Light and Truth

Parenting is hard, joyous, and confusing all at once. That's the way God designed it. He intended that we get serious growth-promoting experiences in the process of growing babies into strong and caring adults. But the process doesn't have to be left to luck. We can learn how to apply gospel principles to make our parenting happier and more successful.