Living it Down

Carrie Burke has it all—marriage to a successful lawyer, two lively teenage daughters, a beautiful home, he gospel. Why isn't she happy? Confused, joyless and depressed, she questions her own worth and decides to take a "time out" to reevaluate her life. Her husband Morgan calls it selfish. Carrie calls it self-preservation. Renting the basement apartment in Aunt Sophie's Vintage Victorian home brings its own set of challenges.  Coincidence brings an old flame, Todd Kendall—a man Carrie never wanted to see again—back into her life. To guide her daughter through a moral crisis with a predatory boy, she realizes she needs the help of both Todd and Morgan. In her spiritual quest to reconnect with her values and reclaim her best self, Carrie yearn to find joy again, and in the process discovers that maybe there's no such thing as coincidence.

Author: Pamela Williams

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  1. Challenges are what make our life moving. If there are nothing challenging in our life we are stuck in limbo. I hope you get my point.