It's snowing again

I would take the rain over the snow any day, especially at the end of January. In my perfect world snow would fall from Thanksgiving through New Years. That being said the snow storm that Utah received this past weekend was breathtaking. Everything still in covered with snow, branches, fences, etc and somehow the snow has stayed brilliantly white. As I was taking the garbage out last night, I was amazed at how the snow sparkled more than normal. Even at late at night the snow seemed alive. It was mesmerizing enough that I stood for a few minutes without a coat just watching the light shift and play and trying to figure out exactly why it was so much better than normal. The cold took over before I could finally figure out the answer to the question, but that's ok. The beauty was worth the storm.

Review of Alone But Not Lonely

Alone but Not LonelyAlone but Not Lonely by Paul S.Brandt

My review

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If you are single or just lonely, Alone But Not Lonely could change your life. Author Paul Brandt explains the "whys" behind loneliness, then gives clear advice for eliminating loneliness and for finding contentment in life. Though Brandt is an experienced psychotherapist, his writing is clear and easy to understand. This is not a clinical book, but Brandt's many years of clinical experience gives his book a depth that other books of this genre lack. This book is the perfect mix of self-help and inspiration. If you or anyone you know is lonely or discouraged, this book could be a lifesaver.

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Out of the mouth of children.

I came across this blog today and love the concept. It is called and it is a blog dedicated to the sharing of testimonies and gospel principles by children. I think there is something so great about teaching our children how to articulate their views while they are young. Plus I love how simple and uncomplicated their testimonies and thoughts are. My younger siblings have reminded me on many occasions what really is important, to slow down and to laugh. We need more of that in this world.

Facebook Article

I have to admit that when I started facebook I was skeptical about it and what it does. I still get those days when I think that the whole thing is a little silly. I mean there are people connecting to me who I was like I don't remember ever being friends with you in high school why would I want to connect with you now. But more time than often I am excited to see what other people are doing. I love being able to keep in contact with them and see what is new in their life. There are many people who refuse to join facebook and I understand their reasonings as to why, but this article addresses those points brings up some very good points as to why people should.

In honor of Twitter--Cleaning my desk and keyboard

There is something about the new year that makes you want to start fresh and not be burdened by last year's stuff, whether it be mistakes, junk, or the pile of papers that you are always meaning to get around to but somehow never do. So it was time to purge my desk and remove that clutter from my desk, which means that you can actually see it and things are properly filed away. Part of cleaning my desk required a cleaning of my keyboard. Mind you this was no regular wipe it off with a clorox cloth, this was a remove all the keys, wipe off each key individually, use a paint brush to clean the board and remove all the junk that somehow falls between the keys, find another keyboard to use as a guide to replace all the keys. While I may instinctively know where keys on the keyboard are, I don't think I would have been able to blindly put back the keys. The function keys and the numbers would have been easy, and I could have got the space bar down quiet well, but that top row and bottom row of letters and the other random keys would have done me in. 

We've joined Twitter

Hey everybody, follow us on twitter and if you are on twitter let us know so we can follow you.
Our user name is walnutspringpr  I think it is silly when they do character limits, but I guess there is nothing we can do about it! :)

Puzzle Book by Arie Van De Graaff has just been released

We are pleased to announce that the Puzzle Book has just been released. This book will make a wonderful addition to your children gospel collection. Filled with all sorts of gospel centered puzzles, mazes, hide and seek, etc. this book will delight all children that use it. With over 90 puzzles, this book will keep children entertained for hours as it teaches them a gospel lesson.

This book can be found at Deseret Book, independent LDS bookstores and well as through Brigham Distributing

We are excited to announce...

We are excited to announce that we just signed a contact with Crystal Godfrey for a book to be published in time for April conference!!

Crystal has gained fame with her blog Her book will have recipes that show you how to easily use your food storage as well as tips for using food storage in your own recipes. She gives great information and we are so excited that she has become our newest author.

Check out her website and we will keep this site updated for the actual release date of her book.

What people are saying about "Loyalty's Web"

Most of us love a good romance, but are weary of picking up a book because we aren't sure what exactly we are going to find in it. Joyce DiPastena's book Loyalty's Web is the perfect romantic getaway. It has passion, intrigue, suspense, handsome knights and best of all it is clean and was a 2007 Whitney Award Finalist for Romance. (For those that don't know, the Whitney Award is an award for LDS Novels). Her remarkable storytelling has delighted all who has read her book.

But don't just take it from me, listen to what other people are saying.

Loyalty’s Web is a historical tale of intrigue with multiple twists and turns, arranged marriages and true romance. It is a face-paced, wellwritten, fascinating read. If you enjoy historical novels, particularly of the medieval period . . . you will enjoy Loyalty’s Web.
Midwest Book Review
Torture, blackmail, murder, forbidden love . . . this historical tale has it all. Soap-opera fantasy—a medieval Dallas . . . a sure-fire page turner.
Kirkus Discoveries

From the beginning, DiPastena paints a vivid picture of life in medieval times. She quickly draws you into the lives and passions of her characters in a way that leaves you anxious to find out what happens next. Her research is clear, and adds to the authenticity of the story, without ever taking away from the flow of the story itself. (It made me actually want to go and find out more about what really did happen during that time period.) If you have any interest in the time period, or just in a great read, this book will not disappoint you.
Kristine M. John (

You will really enjoy this book.

Loyalty's Web kept me up late several nights as these realistic characters marched across the chapters. My husband asked me if I was coming to bed one night at 2:00 a.m. Yikes, I had lost track of the time and needed to get up for work the next day!

Her characters are all believable. You are cheering for the heroine as she faces her family and external wrongs. I felt the pain of the hero as he struggled to maintain his duty, honor and his love.

This is a real page turner! I recommend this book to you!
Lorna W. Hale (

I enjoyed Loyalty's Web a great deal. The characters became real to me from the first, and I was torn between the conflicting desires and loyalties of the heroine and the hero. Could they find a way for both of them to be true to their loyalties, to themselves, and to each other? It was great fun to unravel the web and find the real spiders in the cast of characters. Intrigue and hidden motives rounded out the plot to provide more than enough suspense to keep the pages turning. Ms. DiPastena knows how to fashion an emotional roller coaster for her readers. I want more.
T. Deighton (

I very much enjoyed reading Loyalty's Web and recommend it to anyone who is ready for a great adventure. Ms DiPastina masterfully transports her readers into that mystic era of lords and castles, dungeons and knights. This historical fiction weaves its tale amidst the time of King Henry and his dominions in France. It lacks nothing, and is filled with suspense, romance, battles, dreaded arranged marriages, herbal concoctions, murder, and mystery.
My Song "Joan" (

Joyce writes with a freshness and authority for a first time writer. I hope this is not her last effort.
Rebecca Drew (

I really enjoyed Joyce's book. The more I read the story the faster I read. It seemed very well researched with accurate historical settings and lifestyles into the Medieval times. Great story and great writing.
Valerie J. Steimie (

Wonderful! Engaging characters, believable conflict, heartfelt emotion, and lovely romance without graphic sex. This book has earned a spot on my keeper shelf. It was truly a joy to read and hard to put down. Do not pick this one up late at night. You will not be able to stop once you start. :o)
Jaimey Grant (

Snatched it up at Deseret Book and couldn't wait to read it. It is my new recommended reading to all my friends. So love how you always stay in that time period and I couldn't put it down. Thanks for quenching my medieval madness but write more soon! Please.
Mom of 5

Joyce DePastena is a welcome fresh voice in historical romance. Her writing style is a real gift. Her characters come to life. I walked the time period through her detailed descriptions and found it fascinating and so visual. I was captivated by the story and the characters. Thank you Joyce for sharing this wonderfully clean historical romance with the world.

I love clean romances and I love historical novels that are acurate. Joyce DiPastena creates both in Loyality's Web. She captures the essence of the days of knights and intrigue. It is a journey you must take and then when you are done, you want more. A great read!!

Wonderful! Engaging characters, believable conflict, heartfelt emotion, and lovely romance without graphic sex. This book has earned a spot on my keeper shelf. It was truly a joy to read and hard to put down.

I had to go back to your website because it dawned on me that your book was a topic of discussion at our class graduation party. Those who have read it raved about it. Congratulations.

and lastly check out A fantastic full review by Liz Adair.

and don't forget to check out Joyce's website