Girls Camp: Ideas for Today’s Leaders

The power of girls’ camp is young women joining capable, positive leaders who are organized and who make things happen. Divine nature is strengthened by being in nature. But how do you translate "Mormonspeak" for nonmember friends at girls’ camp? How do you hold to modesty standards while making every girl feel accepted? What about campers with special needs or diet restrictions? How do you break up cliques at camp?

A spectrum of women and men from across the country have come together in this volume to talk about real-world situations faced at girls’ camp. You’ll find practical ideas and powerful stories, from the first day of camp, to lifetime lessons that continue to bless lives long after camp is over. Whether you’re a leader, lifeguard, nurse, craft-barn leader, or priesthood visitor, whether your camp is primitive or modern, there’s something in these pages for you.

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Sunday Lessons and Activities for Kids

How do you handle Fathers Day and Mothers Day for children who do not live with either or both parents? How do you build a celestial nursery with toddlers? This book is a resource for leaders, teachers, and parents with real-world helps, activity ideas, and stories. The book tackles tough situations such as how to keep auxiliaries staffed, teacher motivation, bullying in classes, how to teach children to honor parents when parents may not be honorable, etc. Consisting of both stories and ready-to- use resources, this book will help you find the exuberant joy of nurturing children, even amidst real challenges.

The Secret Obituary Writer

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if obituaries told the truth? The people of a small town in Montana don’t have to wonder because they have Lizzy Langston, the secret obituary writer for the local newspaper. With information she receives at an anonymous email address, she produces mostly humorous, sometimes poignant, but always truthful obituaries that magically appear between sections A and B of the morning paper.

When several cryptic emails question the official details of a man’s death, Lizzy elicits the help of handsome detective Jackson Clark. Together, they travel halfway around the world to search for answers . . . and maybe even find love along the way.

With mystery, romance, and a hefty helping of humor, The Secret Obituary Writer will keep you entertained until the very last page.

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Changing Worlds

Anna Barrett works for Kamp Keepers, a company that hires BYU students to help out at girls’ camps all over the country. Her latest assignment takes her to the dense forest of Kentucky and Camp Boughlynch, owned by Sylvia Boughlynch and her two sons. Anna finds herself drawn to the handsome Daniel Santini, who confides that he took the Kamp Keepers job to lay low after joining the LDS Church and leaving his mafia family’s organized crime ring.

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Crossing Lines

Moments before their B-17 bomber crashes in German-occupied Austria, two of the three remaining crewmen manage to parachute out of the aircraft. Captain Charlie Banks and Corporal Samuel Aldridge find shelter in a barn, where they are discovered by a beautiful young Austrian woman. Despite the danger to herself and her family, Marianne Leichtner decides to help the two Americans. Her courage and character soon win Charlie’s heart.

When the Nazis come to investigate the plane crash, Charlie and Sam must escape through enemy territory. Just steps from freedom, they are captured by Italian fascists. Survival takes on a new meaning for the airmen, and Charlie begins to question everything, including his faith. Only the hope of seeing Marianne again keeps him going over the long months in prison. But if he survives, will she still care for him? And will Charlie learn to trust in the Lord’s promises?

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The Ring of Remaliha

When Egyptologist April Tanner is asked to translate the hieroglyphs on an ancient ring, she is unwittingly drawn into a world of danger and intrigue. Her colleague, Dr. Peter Scherril, believes the glyphs will lead to a treasure hidden nearly two thousand years ago by an Egyptian man named Remaliha. The problem is the glyphs don t make sense. A week after Peter is killed in a suspicious car crash, the ring shows up in April s mail. She vows to decipher the ring s secrets and figure out why someone wanted Peter dead. Her inquisitions put her in the path of dashing archaeologist Nathan Hayes and his mysterious friend James Reddingham. Nathan invites April to join his expedition near Luxor. Once she arrives in Egypt, April aggressively pursues her investigation of the ring. But soon she suspects the motives of both Nathan and James and finds herself dodging thieves and assassins at every turn. In the end, uncovering the secrets of the ring could lead to Remaliha s treasure . . . or April s own tomb.

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The Line That Divides

With boundaries clearly drawn by the horror of World War II, romance is the furthest thing from Marianne Leichtner’s mind. But the crash of an American B-17 bomber in the hills behind her family’s Austrian home changes everything.

Shortly after the accident, Marianne discovers two of the plane’s surviving crewmen in the barn. Deciding to aid Charlie and Sam thrusts her into a world of danger, secrets, and unexpected feelings. Soon the Nazis arrive, bringing an unwelcome surprise from the past. Marianne helps the airmen escape, but assumes the worst when she learns two Americans were killed trying to reach the border.

As she pieces together her broken heart, Marianne decides the only way she can defy the Nazis is to join the Austrian resistance. To cross that line means choosing sides and the consequences that might come. Because of Charlie, she is willing to take the chance.

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A Dangerous Affection

Lady Anne Fitzroy, daughter of an ambassador to the Austrian court, returns to England after her father is murdered. Soon, rumors circulate that he committed an act of treason leading to the deaths of thousands of Austrian soldiers. Well‑known for her close assistance to her father, Anne is pressed by more than one zealot to divulge what she knows about his supposedly traitorous designs. One of these men is Nicholas Beckett, the Earl of de Rothesay, who holds Anne’s father responsible for the betrayal of his brother to the French as a spy.

Lord de Rothesay’s fierce effort to prove Anne’s father’s guilt is matched only by her passionate determination to prove her father’s innocence. De Rothesay’s prejudice draws her deep resentment and catapults them into a scrimmage of accusation and mistrust. But eventually, with Anne facing charges as an accomplice to treason, she and de Rothesay must join forces in a pact to uncover the truth about her father. Their joint search carries them into the arms of danger and into a change of heart toward each other that neither dared imagine. Can Anne’s enemy become so much more than her friend?

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The Soul of a Lady

At six and twenty, Lydia Hathaway has endured years of heartbreak, longing for a love that never came. Her deceased father’s foolhardiness has left her family bankrupt, and she is eventually left no alternative but to take a position as a companion to Susan Ashcroft of Danbury Park in Surrey. Early one morning, Lydia rambles across the muddy wilds of the Ashcroft estate, where she has a most unimaginable encounter with Connor Parkhurst, the notorious Viscount Denton.

As their paths continue to cross, Lydia falls ever deeper in love with the charming rogue while battling against his growing assault on her heart. In spite of his forward attentions, she considers his behavior toward her as nothing more than idle flirtation. And why should she think otherwise? As the wealthy son of an earl, Lord Denton may choose from among the most beautiful women of England’s first circles. Tormented in a relentless battle to suppress a love she cannot overcome, Lydia resolves to leave the Ashcrofts and Danbury Park forever. After all, she is nothing to Lord Denton—isn’t she?

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In the Wilds of Devon

Lord Rupert Carrington, heir apparent to the Marquess of Lansdowne and former captain in His Majesty’s Royal Navy, cannot forget the girl he loved in his youth, who died after he left to fight in the war against Napoleon. Guilt-ridden, Rupert buries his regret by helping the London detectives of Bow Street take down criminals. But when Rupert ferrets out a ring of smugglers and is marked for death, the prince regent banishes him to a remote corner of England to live among the locals and be known only by his title of captain. Thus, Rupert will remain safe until the villains are arrested and brought to court, where he will offer testimony critical to their conviction.

On the first day of Rupert’s exile to the “wilds of Devon,” he meets Alexandra Dancy, a beautiful country miss whose complex character and extraordinary courage stir in him a degree of affection and admiration he has not yet felt for any lady. As fate or Providence would have it, Alexandra and her family, whose property backs his on the other side of a canal, have been hired to provide Rupert’s meals and to care for his house and stables.

When Rupert’s friendship and warm attentions awaken Alexandra’s heart, she suffers the torment of loving a man she believes is of a higher social class than he pretends, and therefore beyond her reach. The impoverished Dancys hide their own aristocratic origins to protect a dark secret known to only one man—Cecil Bedford, a blackguard of the first order, who wields a cruel power over Alexandra and her family. Can Rupert save her from Bedford’s clutches and topple the seemingly insurmountable barriers to winning her love and her hand?

Memory of Monet

Alexandra Stewart thought she was born to be a spy. Her eidetic memory, the adrenaline rush, and the calling to help people was in her blood. But after her latest mission in Paris and her confrontation with a terrorist, Alex begins to question her role working for The Company, a secret spy organization that exists in the basement of Brown University. 

When the CIA asks for her assistance on a mission only she has the ability to complete, Alex agrees to travel to Mexico City as an exchange student at an elite art school, leaving behind her comatose brother and her handler who has risked everything to keep her safe and would do anything to be with her. 

In an attempt to prove to herself where she belongs, Alex throws herself into the mission, only to discover that her training may not be enough. As her perspective changes, she begins to realize that her memory isn’t a canvas of realistic paint strokes, but an impressionistic landscape influenced by her own emotions. Scaling buildings and discovering secrets may not be as hard as finding her own heart. And the enemy she is fighting against could be the one person closest to her.

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Author: Robin M. King

Van Gogh Gone

Alexandra Stewart’s eidetic memory won’t let her forget anything, ever. And finally she has a life worth remembering—a Spanish tutor who gives perfecto a new name, a roommate that could double as her sister, and a special role in a spy organization with secret headquarters at Brown University.

When Alex’s colleague Daly returns from a covert mission in Moscow, he is accompanied by a man she hoped she would never see again. He claims he can bring back to her a loved one she’d thought was gone forever. But the price he demands could be impossible to pay: Alex must find and retrieve a stolen Van Gogh painting.

From Barcelona to Paris, Alex and Daly’s friendship is stretched as they uncover a truth neither one of them saw coming. Alex’s unusual gift may help her protect the people she cares about, but will her choices compromise everything else that matters to her?

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Author: Robin M. King


Alexandra Stewart would like nothing more than to make her college freshman year . . . forgettable. Unfortunately, her eidetic memory retains every moment of her life and plays it back, DVD style. It’s great when she aces a test, but not so great when she gets distracted and crashes into a cute guy on her way to class. Talk about an endless loop of humiliation.

When her Russian professor gives her an impossible puzzle, Alex discovers he has a secret—one that will catapult her into a life of cryptic codes and covert missions. Of course, conducting secret ops would be easier if she weren’t trying to impress her handsome new running partner. Love is hard enough already, and now Alex is trying to find it while dodging bullets and going undercover.

One thing is for certain, whatever happens will be forever etched into her memory. And some things are better left forgotten.

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Author: Robin  M. King

Hearth Fires

Mackenzie Graham's ideal assignment—writing an article on storybook homes—takes a dangerous turn when she photographs a clandestine meeting between a prominent judge, a black-market kingpin, and a crooked cop. When she is rescued from harm's way by a rugged cowboy-attorney, Mackenzie's life and career are forever changed. Flying bullets and wild bulls team up with romance and suspense in classic Keddington tradition.

Book of Mormon Mazes

These exciting mazes are designed to help children remember important principles taught in the Book of Mormon. This book will provide many hours of quiet entertainment.

Spot the Difference for LDS Kids

This book features side-by-side drawings with subtle differences that children are asked to find. Unlike most spot-the-difference books, this one contains drawings with religious themes from the scriptures and Church history.

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Sunday Activities for LDS Kids: Pioneers

Now children can have loads of fun as they learn about the Latter-day Saint pioneers who crossed the plains to live in the West. With 89 activities—mazes, word searches, dot-to-dots, coloring pages, crosswords, matching pictures, and much more—this book will provide many hours of quiet entertainment.

Sunday Activities for LDS Kids: Joseph Smith

Now children can have loads of fun as they learn about Joseph Smith and the Restoration of the Church. With nearly 90 word searches, crosswords, picture puzzles, hidden words, coloring pages, wordfits, and more, this book will provide many hours of quiet entertainment.

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Author: Madeleine Kmetzsch

Hearts of the Fathers

In the final months of World War II, young LDS widow Gerda Brendler is searching for her only child, taken by the Nazis for his perfect Aryan characteristics—blue eyes and blond hair.

Levi Zuckerman, a Jewish soldier in the Soviet Army, saves Gerda and another woman from an attack by two of his commanding officers, but he must nearly kill both men to do so. Levi and Gerda hide in the East German mission home. Born and raised in Berlin, Levi wants to find his parents but fears the worst.

A treasure more valuable than gold or art is missing—genealogical records stolen by Hitler from Germany’s churches. Mission president Erick Ranke must locate those records before the Soviets do.

Lives are inextricably connected in this thrilling novel about the power of covenants and conviction.

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Bringing Up Our Children in Light and Truth

Parenting is hard, joyous, and confusing all at once. That s the way God designed it. He intended that we get serious growth promoting experiences in the process of growing babies into strong and caring adults. But the process doesn't have to be left to luck. We can learn how to apply gospel principles to make our parenting happier and more successful. This book, by one of the country's leading parent educators, describes the four key processes for bringing up our children in light and truth.

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The Soft-Spoken Parent

Short tempers and lapses of patience are every parents challenge. Parenting struggles are real, but they are also conquerable. President S. Monson has declared that where love is, there is no contention or disputation. Make this challenge a little easier with 55 simple and practical strategies. Choose laughter over accusation, invite your child to be part of the solution, learn your children's love languages and invest five minutes to save an hour. As you apply these strategies in your parenting, you will learn to better understand your children and exercise more patience and kindness.

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The Miraculous Power of Charity

What has the power to soften hearts, open minds, and restore hope? What can heal the wounds of abuse and fill the empty spaces left by neglect? The answer is charity, which the prophet Mormon describes as “the pure love of Christ.” Charity is the love God feels for His children—and the kind of love He asks us to feel for ourselves and each other. Through the marvelous power of charity, we can enjoy 

  • Renewed self-esteem and self-confidence 
  • Secure attachments with our children 
  • A solid base for building an eternal relationship with our spouse 
  • Optimized health and increased energy 
  • The undoing of years of pain, suffering, fear, and depression

In this groundbreaking book, Douglas Dobberfuhl explores the latest findings about the brain and body in regards to charity. Drawing on over twenty years as a professional therapist, he helps readers understand charity, experience the love of Heavenly Father, and cultivate charity for others. Stories of real people are provided as motivating examples of lives transformed by charity. This God-given love can fulfill us personally, improve our marriages, and strengthen our families. If we allow ourselves to receive and share charity, its power can change us forever.

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Breaking the Chains of the Past

Whether a person is born into an LDS family and experiences abuse or later converts and had an abusive past, it is critical for the adult survivor to find hope, comfort, and healing. Yet all too often, as these brave individuals reach out for help, they struggle in overcoming the gap between the doctrine of the Atonement and the practical application of it. How frustrating it is to be members of Christ’s Church and not know how to use the greatest gift He has given us — His infinite and everlasting sacrifice. 

The aim of this book is to help those who are survivors of childhood abuse — emotional, physical, and sexual — in two ways. The first is to help readers understand the stumbling blocks that come from childhood abuse that keep us from embracing the power of the Atonement of Christ. The second is to explore concrete, how-to methods of applying and gaining the promised healing that Christ offers us.

This book offers many stories and case examples, showing real struggles of members as they try to find the Savior and seek for peace. Their stories will encourage and give hope to anyone who is searching for the promised blessings of healing.

Editorial Reviews:

Doug Dobberfuhl's latest book is inspiring because every word he has written is based on his own experience of healing from profound childhood trauma using the Savior's atonement. Here is a professional counselor and writer who has held fast to that sacred power and now is a guide for others who still suffer. —Tamera Smith Allred, LMHC, MA,

This book is going to help a lot of people. Incorporating attachment and relating it to our spirituality and relationship with God is genius. —Tyler Andrus, MS

I have read and pondered this book. It was well written and thoughtful. There was a good mix of examples for all aspects of the subject of the Atonement and how to apply it. I really liked following some the stories of people who used the Atonement. Although I’ve had some therapy many years ago, this book helped me to understand my relationship with the Atonement and how it truly affects me. —Karen L.

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Healing the Codependent Heart

When it comes to dealing with and overcoming the effects of this fallen, mortal world, there are essentially two paths to take. One encourages and supports us to manage our pain, hurts, and insecurities with willfulness and control. This path is called codependency. The other invites us to experience, learn, and become polished through our afflictions. This path is living in a state of charity. These two paths are often confused. Codependency can very easily look like and feel like charity. This book explores both subjects, drawing upon modern-day revelation, scriptures, and therapeutic experts in the field of codependency. Overcoming codependency is explored by teaching the reader how to apply the Atonement of Jesus Christ to this pervasive problem. 

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The Husband Hunt

Four girlfriends reconnect at their high school reunion and discover they’re all single. They make a pact: the first one to find a man worth marrying gets her dream wedding paid for by the others.

Determined to win, career lawyer Maralee hits the professional dating sites, pursues the office Casanova, and even enlists the help of her handsome secretary, Brend, as she tries to find a man worthy of her. Jen, mother of a teenage girl and reeling from a divorce, asks her neighbor Brian for advice in navigating the dating scene, but secretly wishes he was more than just a friend. Nervous Amelia has no problem attracting men and even goes on a singles cruise, yet the only man she really trusts is her ex-husband Steve. Eco-warrior Dolphin already knows who her “keeper” is—Falcon Storm, the one that got away ten years ago. Dolphin recruits Duke, a rival jewelry maker, to help her track down Falcon.

Who will win the wedding? You’ll laugh at the dating adventures of Maralee, Jen, Amelia, and Dolphin—and root for all four friends to find happiness.

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Borrowed Angel

Borrowed Angel is the poignant story of a mother who lost her first child to sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). In this captivating book, the author describes her journey through the gauntlet of grief and reveals how hope can be found even amid tragedy.
Weaving spirituality with a practical approach to healing, Borrowed Angel reflects on motherhood, the grieving process, and the power of the Atonement of Jesus Christ.

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The Book of Real Beauty for LDS Girls

In this book, novelist Tarrah Montgomery teaches girls to be themselves, find a style of their own, and stay healthy with proper nutrition, exercise, and sleep. Girls will learn that modesty is always in style, and they'll practice doing simple hairstyles and makeup. As girls find joy in everyday life, they will see how beauty shines from kindness and giving service. Following the Spirit brings inner beauty, confidence, and feelings of self-worth. This guide will help girls look and feel their best as they prepare for their teenage years.

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Author: Tarrah Montgomery, Illustrator: Susan Chadaz

Beauty and the Teenage Beast

Belinda is a normal teenage girl living in Idaho . . . until she discovers a magic door in her bedroom that opens to a fairy-tale land called Fenmore Falls. One fateful day, she takes her younger sister, Hallie, through the magic door. Hallie accidentally destroys a rose garden, bringing down the wrath of its owner, a moody young man called the Master, who hides in the shadows and never shows his face. Belinda sends Hallie back through the magic door but is captured and ordered to repair the garden.

After a rather awful encounter with the Master, whom she privately refers to as “the Beast,” Belinda runs away and gets lost in the woods. She is rescued by a handsome young man named Rylan, a guest of the Master’s. Back at the estate, Rylan visits Belinda in the garden, but how can she like a guy who lives in a different world? Soon she discovers everything is not what it seems—especially when it comes to Rylan and the Master. As secrets unfold, Belinda must put her stubbornness aside and open her heart to possibilities she never could have imagined.

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Author: Tarrah Montgomery

Rescuing Rapunzel

Two princess cousins, Rapunzel and Snow White, are raised as best friends in the magical kingdom of Fenmore Falls—until Rapunzel is kidnapped at the age of six. Ten years later, Snow is forced to flee the castle when her own safety is threatened. Meanwhile, Rapunzel, who has been secretly locked in a tower all this time, escapes with the help of two unlikely friends.

Both princesses find themselves in a mysterious place called Idaho, where they happily reunite. A woman called Aunt Em takes the two girls into her house, which is already filled to the brim with seven teenage brothers and their little sister Dorothy. Some of the brothers aren’t so sure about Rapunzel and Snow White, and the feeling is definitely mutual. But when villains—including a ship full of pirates—threaten the princesses’ lives, the seven brothers come to the rescue. 

Sometimes, friendship—or even love—comes where you least expect it.

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Author: Tarrah Montgomery

Finding Sleeping Beauty

Princess Danielle's life in the fair-tale land of Fenmore Falls is overshadowed by a wizard's bargain that allowed her to be born to the formerly childless queen and king. But Danielle's birth came at a price—a curse set to fall on her head when she turns sixteen. On the eve of that fateful birthday, her father sends her through a magic door to a peculiar land called Idaho. The princess-in-hiding struggles to live like an average teenager in this modern world, but she quickly makes friends and finds herself drawn to a cute guy named Nate. Soon, however, the curse threatens Danielle again—and so do her enemies. In order to survive, she must rely on her new friends, as well as some old ones from Fenmore Falls. Will Danielle find the inner strength to defeat the evil wizard and live the life she chooses?

Author: Tarrah Montgomery

I’m Not Cinderella

Seventeen-year-old Brinlee is a modern girl living in Idaho. When she discovers a secret portal in her attic bedroom, Brinlee accidentally swaps places with the main character from her favorite fairy tale, Cinderella. Lost in Cinderella's world, Brinlee threatens to ruin one of the world's greatest love stories. New mysteries surround the characters of the beloved tale, and Brinlee is determined to uncover the secrets. Once she entangles herself in the affairs of Cinderella's family and meets not one but two dashing men, can she keep this celebrated romance on track? This book is first in a series of fairy-tale reinventions.

Author Interview: Tarrah Montgomery

Walnut Springs Press, author, Tarrah Montgomery, recently presented at two conferences for young girls, Time to Blossom and Retreat for Girls. We caught up with her to ask her some questions and find out about her upcoming book, the last in her Princess Chronicles Series, The Princess and the Pesky Pea. She also sent us some photos from the conferences. Read on to find out more about her and to see photos from the conference.

Is there an author or book that has had a profound impact on you or your writing?

I’m one of those authors, which may be a large group of us, who can say the book Twilight helped motivate me to be a writer. It was one of those books that spiked my imagination, and I found myself desperately craving for that feeling of creating characters and fairy tale worlds. I’d written books since I was little, and it was always something I wanted to do, but that is what finally gave me the push. I’d also have to say authors, Marcia Lynn McClure and Jennie James were two authors who not only gave me personal advice but helped me grow as a writer as I dived into reading their books.

Can you share a few things that inspired your newest book?

My most recently published book is the 4th book in my Princess Chronicles Series, titled Beauty and the Teenage Beast, which was a blast to write because Beauty and the Beast is my favorite fairy tale story. The 5th book in the series is titled The Princess and the Pesky Pea, and is scheduled to come out late this Fall. It’s the beginning to all of the Princess Chronicles books and is going to explain a lot of things. My other book that was published late last fall was my first non-fiction book, The Book of Real Beauty for LDS Girls. It was a dear project, close to my heart, to try and explain in words to young girls of what makes them truly beautiful and that it doesn’t matter what other people (including the world) thinks.

Which of the characters in your Princess Chronicles are you most like?

Great question. I don’t know about other authors, but there’s a little bit of me in each of the main characters I write. It helps me relate to them and understand why they do things. They’re not completely like me, but there are certainly a few small traits that are the same. If I’d have to say which one had the most traits like mine, I guess it would be the new character I’m writing in my book right now, The Princess and the Pesky Pea. The main character’s name is Ivee, and she’s doing her student teaching at a small school in Idaho. I was a teacher, so some of Ivee’s experiences as she’s teaching school are similar to my own.

Which of them was the hardest to write?

It was hard to write the story of Rapunzel. When she was stuck in the tower, there wasn’t much she could do. So, it was hard to write about the monotonous things she did on a daily basis.

What is your favorite part of writing?

My favorite part is brainstorming and planning. I first make a rough outline of how I think the story should go, and then I make a music playlist to match each chapter in the book. I know that may sound strange, but I love music and a lot of my imagination comes from songs. I can listen to a song and get a whole idea of how a character is going to change throughout the course of the book. When I’m driving, I listen to my playlist, and my mind is immersed in my make believe fairy tale land, and I can plan out the rest of the book.

When you present at conferences, what is the message you hope people get from you?

I’ve presented various topics when I speak at conferences. One of my favorite topics is that we have to find our own fairy tale in our own lives. Real life is not about princesses and castles. It’s true that we’ve been promised a happily ever after, but our story may not be how we thought it would be. We have to make it our own fairy tale story. When I’ve been speaking to young girls, I’ve recently been speaking about the importance of discovering their real beauty and not what the world defines as what’s beautiful. We’ve had some great discussions on what is expected and who should be the only one who should care how beautiful we are: Heavenly Father, and he thinks we’re all uniquely beautiful just how we are. 

What advice would you give someone who wants to be an author?

The best advice I ever got was from Shannon Hale, New York Times Best Selling Author. She said to be a better writer then you need to write more and read more. Then, write some more and read some more. And then write more and read even more. I thought that was great advice. Reading increases our vocabulary and helps us with the flow of writing a story, sentence and paragraph structure, and where plot lines should be. And, it’s been proved countless times, you can only get better by practicing. I’m still learning with every book I write, and I’m learning every, single day. So, write lots and read lots. ;)

Photos from the conferences Tarrah recently spoke at: 


To Learn More about Tarrah and Her Books, Visit her Author Page!

Glimmers of Hope and Pieces of Joy

This book by therapist Betsy Chatlin explains how Latter-day Saints can let go of guilt and find happiness in their lives. With easy-to-understand text and illustrative stories, Chatlin helps readers find hope as they surrender their burdens to Christ through repentance. 

In one of this book's beautiful lessons, Chatlin explains: "In Jesus' day a plow was either pushed by the farmer or pulled by an animal and steadied by the farmer. If a farmer took his plow and set out to make nice, straight rows, he might make a mistake. In fact, he would definitely make some mistakes. But he could not correct it by looking back. If he looked back, he would not be able to keep the plow moving in straight rows in front of him. This is the intimate and personal Atonement. The Savior tells us not to look back, because He loves us. He wants us to learn from our mistakes and sins and not repeat them." 

Glimmers of Hope and Pieces of Joy will help readers access the grace that "shall be as your day" (William Clayton, "Come, Come Ye Saints," Hymns, 1985, no. 30). How comforting to realize that even in the midst of afflictions, one can feel stirrings of peace.

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Preston Bensen struggles with the same social anxiety that led his father to walk away years ago. With a younger brother who has Down syndrome, Preston has made it his job to hold together what remains of their family.

A few weeks after he loses a friend in an accident, Preston’s mother announces her decision to remarry. Now Preston must deal with a prying stepdad and three emotional stepsisters. After growing up with six neighbor boys, Preston doesn’t know what to do with glitter, pet mice, drama, and nonstop chatter.

The only thing untouched by change seems to be Preston’s relationship with Morgan, a girl he met during the summer. But he fears that sharing more of his past will scare her away. Juggling everything at once, he reaches his breaking point. Is Preston going to end up like his father after all?

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When Supermom joins Dad on his latest project, sixteen-year-old Morgan is left with her aunt. Instead of dating the cute boy from her high school track team, Morgan will spend the summer in a small town near Kanab, Utah, five hours from home and all of her friends. Her plan is to keep a sane distance between herself and her aunt's six boys. What Morgan doesn't expect is being attracted to the neighbor kid who hangs out with her cousins. How can she like two guys at the same time?

Just when her life couldn't get more messed up, Morgan stumbles across an abandoned house and learns she lived there when she was small. The house and its secrets haunt her—it turns out she's been dreaming about the place for years. All she wants is to hold onto what she loves. But as the summer passes, she wonders if she's going to lose everything.

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You are Worth It: Eternal Perspectives for a Young Woman

Each of us comes to this world with a divine worth and strength. Yet every person will experience times of doubt and darkness when we need comfort and encouragement. You Are Worth It features thoughtful lessons that will inspire a young woman to honor, love, and nurture herself and others. In a down-to-earth way, author JoLyn Brown teaches of faith and obedience, hopes and dreams, family and friends, and Christlike service.

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Values-Centered Activities for Young Women

This helpful book features forty-eight activities centered on the eight values: faith, divine nature, individual worth, knowledge, choice and accountability, good works, integrity, and virtue. Along with the main activities, the book provides alternate ideas, additional resources, charts, cutouts, recipes, and a short play for a group to perform. From easy, last-minute planning, to coordinating bigger projects, each value section contains ideas to fit a variety of needs. Leaders can use this book to connect the values to activity nights in purposeful, fun, and engaging ways.

Some of the activities in this book include:

Faith Walk
Scripture Social Slam
Sunday Box
Put on a Play
Magazine Remodel
As Unique as Stars
Make a Scarf
Time-Capsule Letters
Fruit and Veggie Night
Babysitting Kits
Quote Chalkboard
Take a Tour
Music Experiment
Together as a Team
Reversible Patchwork Apron
Budget Meal
Recycled Emergency Prep
Fashion Show
Kid Camp
Temple Handkerchief

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Home Evenings For Newlyweds

With this easy-to-use book, newlyweds can establish a tradition of family night, starting with just the two of them. Centered around the life, character, and works of Jesus Christ, each of these 52 lessons contains a gospel message and an activity, as well as technology and internet resources and links. Lesson topics include the Atonement, covenants, gratitude, and prayer, as well as setting goals, developing talents, doing family history, planning meals, and many, many more. Activities vary from stargazing, service projects, and playing basketball, to taking photos, holding a scripture chase, and writing time-capsule letters to each other. In addition, six of the lessons are specially designed to help couples focus their holiday celebrations on Christ.

A Circle of Sisters

Look into the lives of ordinary Relief Society sisters as they share 50 stories of love and service. Whether it is facing a new calling or dealing with the sickness or loss of a loved one, these stories testify of the very real power of women devoted to God and His work. In trial and doubt, in faith and in joy, sometimes all it takes is a circle of sisters to change a life for the better.

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Summer EBook Sale: Week 4

Read three great books by author, Carole Thayne Warburton.
$2.99 eBooks June 26-July 3, 2018

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Just Shy of Paradise

When Lily's valuable fishing pole is stolen, her Native American friend Sky is charged with the crime. But things are not always as they seem in this intriguing tale of romance, secrets, and betrayal.

Just Shy of Paradise is a stirring tale that explores the lives of two people who must reconcile their differences that trace back to roots deeper than the Bear River soil. With a rich blend of Native American life, Swedish ancestry, and modern-day struggles that persist in the charming town of Paradise, readers will soon be caught up in the vibrant narrative and vivid characters, quickly becoming wholly devoted to Lily and Sky.- Heather B. Morre, winner of Best of State and Whitney Awards for Abinadi.

Just Shy of Paradise is a well-told story of fresh perspectives and deep characters sure to help every reader reflect on his or her own pursuit of happiness amid the stumbling blocks none of us are able to steer clear of completely. - Josi S. Kilpack, author of the Sadie Hoffmiller Culinary Mystery Series

Just Shy of Paradise is a well-balanced, fascinating read with powerful historical and cultural references that raises challenging implications for the present. It is permeated with a haunting sense of place and ancestry that causes the reader to reflect on the role personal heritage has played in the development of the individuals and nations we are today. - Janet Kay Jensen, award-winning author of Don't You Marry the Mormon Boys

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Sun Tunnels and Secrets

On a trip to the Sun Tunnels in the Utah desert, Norma and her sisters find a body on the side of the road. But this awful discovery turns out to be the least of their problems. Norma's husband just passed on, and she learns he kept a secret from her for sixty years. LaRue is keeping a secret from Norma. The sisters' young friend Tony is keeping a secret about his famous father, and Tony's mother is keeping a secret of her own. Tony is secretly in love with his friend Kelli, who recently escaped from a polygamist cult. And who is the mysterious young car thief with whom Norma feels a special connection? Everything converges in Grouse Creek at the Fourth of July celebration. Will secrets prove everyone's undoing?

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Poaching Daisies

Who is Trying to Silence Penny?

Penny Thorton’s dreams of being a park ranger start to unravel her first week on the job when she finds a dead bear in Yellowstone’s backcountry. Shots are fired as she runs away, but once she tells the authorities, all evidence evaporates. Penny’s aunt Iris, who is bent on eradicating an invasive species of daisy from the park, puts that mission on hold when more bears are killed and she becomes entangled in the mystery. After several attempts on Penny’s life, she and Iris learn to trust no one—not even their friends.

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Road to Covered Bridge

A Utah State First Place Novel

Escaping World War II

After barely missing the devastation of Pearl Harbor, the McKinsey family makes a bridge-like transition, crossing from the experiences of war to what they hope is safety.

However, when they arrive in Provo, Utah, what they find is a series of questions. Who is America Laughingheart? Who murdered Mrs. Potter? And who left the grave open? Other difficulties plague them: chickenpox, scarlet fever, and a local flood.

It is Grandpa who gets discouraged first and departs. The family follows. Looking back, they realize that even though their "transition" was rocky, all that truly matters is that they are together.

Available in Paperback and eBook Format

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  • Association for Mormon Letters Review by Harlow Clark
  • “Of course [Road to Covered Bridge] had Marilyn Brown's delightful skill in creating characters and situations. But it also had plot complexities that left me panting! And there were also one-liners that I always love to read.” —Marilyn Arnold
  • "Road to Covered Bridge was such a nice surprise! I loved the details in the setting. It reminded me so much of the Provo cemetery. Marilyn Brown has a wonderful gift of building characters and suspense. The cover is amazing. This book won first place in Utah State University's fiction contest—a well-deserved honor." —Sally Taylor

Author: Marilyn Brown

Summer eBook Sale: Week 3

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2.99 eBooks June 19-26, 2018

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Under a Lakota Moon

As a divorcee in 1870 St. Louis, Rosalynn McAllister is a branded woman. When she is presented with the opportunity for a new life with her sister's family in Peaceful, Minnesota, Rosalynn believes it is what God wants for her. But Rosalynn arrives in Peaceful only to find that her sister Susan has run off, her brother-in-law Mike is dead, and her niece and nephew are in the custody of the town's minister. Furthermore, Mike's handsome half-brother, Lone Wolf Larson, who now owns the family farm, stirs feelings in Rosalynn that both excite and confuse her.

When Rosalynn and Lone Wolf must marry to obtain custody of the children, Rosalynn asumes it will be a loveless marriage. After all, she believes that no man could love a divorced woman, and experience has taught her that men are not to be trusted. Lone Wolf, persecuted for his Lakota Sioux heritage, also has trust issues, yet he secretly feels that Rosalynn is his destiny.

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Wild Irish Rose

It is May 1865. When Rosaleen O'Shay and her mother lose their factory jobs, and then her father and brother are injured in a coal-mine cave-in, the family is in serious trouble. Rosaleen worries they will never save enough money to fulfill their dream-to leave Pittsburgh and buy a farm in California. Hoping to give her a better life, Roasleen's father secretly arranges to marry her off to Blaise Cameron, a young man on his way to his parents' ranch near Stockton, California. In a twist of fate, Blaise turns out to be the soldier from the street-the one Rosaleen considers a blackard. To make matters worse, Blaise has a plan-and dubious motives for taking a wife- so Rosaleen will have to drive a hard bargain of her own. Will Blaise tame the fiery redhead and make her truly his? Or will he annul the marriage as promised when he has achieved his objectives? And will Rosaleen realize the unusual beginnings can lead to happily ever after?

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