Road to Covered Bridge

A Utah State First Place Novel

Escaping World War II

After barely missing the devastation of Pearl Harbor, the McKinsey family makes a bridge-like transition, crossing from the experiences of war to what they hope is safety.

However, when they arrive in Provo, Utah, what they find is a series of questions. Who is America Laughingheart? Who murdered Mrs. Potter? And who left the grave open? Other difficulties plague them: chickenpox, scarlet fever, and a local flood.

It is Grandpa who gets discouraged first and departs. The family follows. Looking back, they realize that even though their "transition" was rocky, all that truly matters is that they are together.

Available in Paperback and eBook Format

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  • Association for Mormon Letters Review by Harlow Clark
  • “Of course [Road to Covered Bridge] had Marilyn Brown's delightful skill in creating characters and situations. But it also had plot complexities that left me panting! And there were also one-liners that I always love to read.” —Marilyn Arnold
  • "Road to Covered Bridge was such a nice surprise! I loved the details in the setting. It reminded me so much of the Provo cemetery. Marilyn Brown has a wonderful gift of building characters and suspense. The cover is amazing. This book won first place in Utah State University's fiction contest—a well-deserved honor." —Sally Taylor

Author: Marilyn Brown

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