Fabulous Freezer Meals

Fabulous Freezer Meals, by Jenny Stanger has arrived in stores.

Want to see how easy it is to make the recipes found in Fabulous Freezer Meals? Just watch Jenny's cooking segments on Good Thing Utah.

She demonstrated Freezer Pizza (it's one of her favorite recipes in the book) and Chicken Pot Pie.

Change the way you cook!

Fabulous Freezer Meals is a collection of over 200 recipes for dishes that can be frozen, then reheated and served later. Each recipe uses everyday ingredients and includes easy-to-follow instructions for food preparation and freezing. With the unique ideas in this book, you will quickly and easily stock your freezer with delicious meals, ensuring that you always have a handy meal in an emergency. Best of all, you can create convenient meals that are healthier than fast food and pre-packaged frozen foods.

Fabulous Freezer Meals will help you:
• Reduce food preparation and cleanup time
• Package meals according to your family size and preferences
• Cut down on trips to the grocery store
• Save hundreds of dollars every month on your grocery bill

Fabulous Freezer Meals will improve your lifestyle by saving you time, money, and sanity!

Stop by Jenny's site for additional recipes, tips, and answers to questions.

Signings, signings, and author library visit

Over the past couple of weeks our authors have been busy with signings. Since we can't make it to all their signings it's wonderful to see pictures of them.

Susan Dayley, author of Redemption, with customers at
Confetti Books and Antiques in Spanish Fork.

Ronda Gibb Hinrichsen, author of Missing, speaking to middle school students

Joyce DiPastena, author of Loyalty's Web and Illuminations of the Heart,
at the Arizona Renaissance Festival

Last fall Crystal Godfrey, author of I Can't Believe It's Food Storage, taped a segment for BYUTV's Living Essentials program. That episode will be airing this Sunday (March 20th)! The episode is all about making desserts with food storage. What a great way to start using your foodstorage! Tell any family or friends that are thinking/wanting to start cooking with their food storage to watch. Crystal made delicious chocolate chip cookies, cheesecake, and chocolate cake- and shows the secrets for how using your food storage helps you reduce prep time while making these desserts healthier.

Check below for local viewing times! (Check with your local cable or satellite provider for the station)

Hawaii Time:
Saturday, March 19th @ 9:00 pm
Sunday, March 20th @ 7:30 am

Pacific Time:
Saturday, March 19th @ 11:00 pm
Sunday, March 20th @ 9:30 am

Mountain Time: Sunday, March 20th @ 12:00 am
Sunday, March 20th @ 10:30 am

Central Time: Sunday, March 20th @ 1:00 am
Sunday, March 20th @ 11:30 am

Eastern Time: Sunday, March 20th @ 2:00 am
Sunday, March 20th @ 12:30 am

Love Your Body Tour Update

Have you been following the Love Your Body blog tour? If you haven't, it isn't too late to check out the great reviews and enter to win one of FIVE free copies of the book. Full details about how to enter can be found here.

Below are highlights from the blog tour. Check out the full reviews and don't forget to become a fan of their blog, leave a comment, or follow them on twitter.

Of Writerly Things-Valerie Ipson

I've never been on a diet except for the kind that dictated I eat whatever I want, so I found many things helpful to me. Like in the very first chapter (p 16) there's a hunger/fullness scale. Learn to eat when you're hungry and stop when you're full, but don't keep going till you're stuffed. (Makes perfect sense, in theory.)

I love in chapter three where the author tells us how to make peace with food. We are told to look at a brownie the same way we look at an apple (p 37). I kid you not!

...each type of food has an important place in our lives. An apple can taste so refreshing. It is sweet, juicy, crunchy all at the same time. A brownie is rich, smooth, and very filling. It also does things to my taste buds that nothing else can. So, how can I call a brownie bad and an apple good, when both taste great in different ways...

You gotta love that!

The point of this chapter is that deprivation doesn't work, it only makes us want it more and that can lead to bingeing.

There's so much in this 160-page book, too much to even tell you about. It also includes exercises (no, not those kind of exercises--but the kind where you write down stuff and examine your inner self--that person inside that just wants to be happy and wishes you would quit doing so many crazy things in the name of body image and diet? Yeah.)

Random-ish by Nichole-Nichole Giles

Because healthy eating works both ways. Over-eating or under-eating? Both are equally dangerous. Both have something to do with how a person views his or her body.

And let’s face it, body image is an issue for everyone. (Okay, so maybe one person in a million is healthy in this area, but I’ve never personally met that person.) This is why I so enjoyed reading the book, Love Your Body, A Diet-Free Approach to Balanced Eating by Brooke Parker, R.D. . . .

I don’t have a weight problem, yet as I read this book, I noticed many, many issues that apply to me, my daily habits, and the way I think. Not only that, it has given me a different view of my daughters and how I teach them to love themselves as they are, not as society might try to mold them to be. . . .

One of the most important topics? “I don’t have to be beautiful to be loved or liked.” Now, I’m sorry, but to me, that says it all. . . .

This is one of those books that everyone should read. And here’s a secret: according to the author of this book, who is a registered dietitian, it’s actually BETTER to eat the foods we love sometimes than to cut them out completely. Chocolate included. Yahoo! Good news for all.

Queen of the Clan--Danyelle Ferguson

I was impressed with the logical and sound advice Brooke Parker gives. Right from the beginning, I found techniques that were helpful. My favorite of which is the hunger scale. There's a scale you can use to gauge how hungry or full you are. You use your best judgment to determine where you are.

After reading and understanding the concepts of using the scale, I found myself stopping to ask myself how I was feeling about every hour or so during the day. If I was starting to have hunger pangs, but it wasn't close to a major meal, I first drank some water. Another thing I've discovered is I'm horrible about drinking enough water and in general drink very little. So sometimes when I feel hungry, really my body is just thirsty. After having a glass of water, I wait about five or ten minutes to see if I'm still hungry or if my body is happy again. If I'm still hungry, then I'll have a snack - like a granola bar or apple. As I've exercised and started gauging my appetite, I've been reaching for more healthy snacks rather than tempting sweet snacks.

I think Love Your Body is a great book for anyone - from teens and adults. I highly recommend it.

Rachelle Writes-Rachelle Christensen

This book is a quick read, set up so that you can read a few pages, digest, and come back for more. I liked Brooke's approach--easy-going as if she were talking right to me. As a dietitian, She has a wealth of knowledge and so much experience for pretty much every scenario you can think up.

I connected with her book because she talks about finding a new relationship with food and I truly believe that is the secret to success.

The Write Blocks--Ronda Gibb Hinrichsen

When I read Love Your Body, I was even more impressed, and in some ways, I consider it a godsend. . . . I frequently work with young women, and as I read Love Your Body, I kept thinking, "Every woman needs to read this book." . . .

Love Your Body does exactly what it promises to do: it helps you learn to love your body. Not because it's the next greatest diet book, because it's not (although it does offer a few, very helpful tips that can aid in weight loss). But because it's main purpose, as I see it, is to help us accept and love the physical part of who we are right now. I mean, what woman out there doesn't "dis" some part of her anatamony? And when she does, does she feel happy or sad afterward?

Tangled Word and Dreams-Alison Palmer

Take this book for just what the title implies. This is not a diet or nutrition book, it doesn't give you lists of good and bad foods, or suggest 20 quick and easy ways to lose 20 pounds. The topic is much more timely and crucial than any of these. It's about loving your body. Plain and simple. That's something I think every woman needs to understand and contemplate.

To present this material, Brooke Parker draws on her experience as a nutritional counselor for women with eating disorders. Don't discount the advice because you feel you don't have problem in this area. I don't know a single woman who couldn't benefit from the types of advice Ms. Parker gives. It's wholesome, sound and meant for every woman and girl who has ever looked in a mirror and felt uncomfortable with what they've seen.

There are still four great reviews to come

Wednesday-*Tristi Pinkston, LDS Author-Tristi Pinkston
Thursday- Why Not? Because I Said So!-Sheila Stayley
Thursday-LDS Women's Book Review
Friday-Cami's Books-Cami Checketts