Glimmers of Hope and Pieces of Joy

This book by therapist Betsy Chatlin explains how Latter-day Saints can let go of guilt and find happiness in their lives. With easy-to-understand text and illustrative stories, Chatlin helps readers find hope as they surrender their burdens to Christ through repentance. 

In one of this book's beautiful lessons, Chatlin explains: "In Jesus' day a plow was either pushed by the farmer or pulled by an animal and steadied by the farmer. If a farmer took his plow and set out to make nice, straight rows, he might make a mistake. In fact, he would definitely make some mistakes. But he could not correct it by looking back. If he looked back, he would not be able to keep the plow moving in straight rows in front of him. This is the intimate and personal Atonement. The Savior tells us not to look back, because He loves us. He wants us to learn from our mistakes and sins and not repeat them." 

Glimmers of Hope and Pieces of Joy will help readers access the grace that "shall be as your day" (William Clayton, "Come, Come Ye Saints," Hymns, 1985, no. 30). How comforting to realize that even in the midst of afflictions, one can feel stirrings of peace.

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Preston Bensen struggles with the same social anxiety that led his father to walk away years ago. With a younger brother who has Down syndrome, Preston has made it his job to hold together what remains of their family.

A few weeks after he loses a friend in an accident, Preston’s mother announces her decision to remarry. Now Preston must deal with a prying stepdad and three emotional stepsisters. After growing up with six neighbor boys, Preston doesn’t know what to do with glitter, pet mice, drama, and nonstop chatter.

The only thing untouched by change seems to be Preston’s relationship with Morgan, a girl he met during the summer. But he fears that sharing more of his past will scare her away. Juggling everything at once, he reaches his breaking point. Is Preston going to end up like his father after all?

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When Supermom joins Dad on his latest project, sixteen-year-old Morgan is left with her aunt. Instead of dating the cute boy from her high school track team, Morgan will spend the summer in a small town near Kanab, Utah, five hours from home and all of her friends. Her plan is to keep a sane distance between herself and her aunt's six boys. What Morgan doesn't expect is being attracted to the neighbor kid who hangs out with her cousins. How can she like two guys at the same time?

Just when her life couldn't get more messed up, Morgan stumbles across an abandoned house and learns she lived there when she was small. The house and its secrets haunt her—it turns out she's been dreaming about the place for years. All she wants is to hold onto what she loves. But as the summer passes, she wonders if she's going to lose everything.

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You are Worth It: Eternal Perspectives for a Young Woman

Each of us comes to this world with a divine worth and strength. Yet every person will experience times of doubt and darkness when we need comfort and encouragement. You Are Worth It features thoughtful lessons that will inspire a young woman to honor, love, and nurture herself and others. In a down-to-earth way, author JoLyn Brown teaches of faith and obedience, hopes and dreams, family and friends, and Christlike service.

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Values-Centered Activities for Young Women

This helpful book features forty-eight activities centered on the eight values: faith, divine nature, individual worth, knowledge, choice and accountability, good works, integrity, and virtue. Along with the main activities, the book provides alternate ideas, additional resources, charts, cutouts, recipes, and a short play for a group to perform. From easy, last-minute planning, to coordinating bigger projects, each value section contains ideas to fit a variety of needs. Leaders can use this book to connect the values to activity nights in purposeful, fun, and engaging ways.

Some of the activities in this book include:

Faith Walk
Scripture Social Slam
Sunday Box
Put on a Play
Magazine Remodel
As Unique as Stars
Make a Scarf
Time-Capsule Letters
Fruit and Veggie Night
Babysitting Kits
Quote Chalkboard
Take a Tour
Music Experiment
Together as a Team
Reversible Patchwork Apron
Budget Meal
Recycled Emergency Prep
Fashion Show
Kid Camp
Temple Handkerchief

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Home Evenings For Newlyweds

With this easy-to-use book, newlyweds can establish a tradition of family night, starting with just the two of them. Centered around the life, character, and works of Jesus Christ, each of these 52 lessons contains a gospel message and an activity, as well as technology and internet resources and links. Lesson topics include the Atonement, covenants, gratitude, and prayer, as well as setting goals, developing talents, doing family history, planning meals, and many, many more. Activities vary from stargazing, service projects, and playing basketball, to taking photos, holding a scripture chase, and writing time-capsule letters to each other. In addition, six of the lessons are specially designed to help couples focus their holiday celebrations on Christ.

A Circle of Sisters

Look into the lives of ordinary Relief Society sisters as they share 50 stories of love and service. Whether it is facing a new calling or dealing with the sickness or loss of a loved one, these stories testify of the very real power of women devoted to God and His work. In trial and doubt, in faith and in joy, sometimes all it takes is a circle of sisters to change a life for the better.

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