Values-Centered Activities for Young Women

This helpful book features forty-eight activities centered on the eight values: faith, divine nature, individual worth, knowledge, choice and accountability, good works, integrity, and virtue. Along with the main activities, the book provides alternate ideas, additional resources, charts, cutouts, recipes, and a short play for a group to perform. From easy, last-minute planning, to coordinating bigger projects, each value section contains ideas to fit a variety of needs. Leaders can use this book to connect the values to activity nights in purposeful, fun, and engaging ways.

Some of the activities in this book include:

Faith Walk
Scripture Social Slam
Sunday Box
Put on a Play
Magazine Remodel
As Unique as Stars
Make a Scarf
Time-Capsule Letters
Fruit and Veggie Night
Babysitting Kits
Quote Chalkboard
Take a Tour
Music Experiment
Together as a Team
Reversible Patchwork Apron
Budget Meal
Recycled Emergency Prep
Fashion Show
Kid Camp
Temple Handkerchief

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