Submissions Guidelines

Type of Books We Will Consider

Walnut Springs Press will consider a variety of manuscripts, including nonfiction and historical fiction. Nonfiction should be specific to the doctrines of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, but Walnut Springs does NOT currently publish fiction with Latter-day Saint content. All submissions should meet the standards of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. We will not accept manuscripts that contain offensive material such as profanity, vulgarity, excessive violence, or sexually explicit scenes.

At the present time, we are specifically seeking manuscripts in the following categories:

  • Historical fiction (without Latter-day Saint content)
  • Regency romance
  • Inspirational nonfiction based on Latter-day Saint concepts
  • Activity and puzzle books for Latter-day Saint children

We will NOT consider the following:

  • Manuscripts over 90,000 words in length
  • Children’s picture books of any type
  • Fiction with Latter-day Saint content
  • Contemporary fiction
  • Doctrinal nonfiction (scholarly works)

Submissions Instructions

What to Send to Us

Send a complete manuscript along with a cover letter. The cover letter should include your background in relation to the book, the intended audience of your book, a description of what motivated you to write this book, and what makes this book stand out from similar titles in the marketplace. Please indicate in your cover letter whether or not this is a simultaneous submission, i.e., whether or not you are sending the manuscript to other publishers.

For fiction submissions, please include a brief synopsis of the story. Also, please include a marketing plan explaining what you will do to promote your book, should we choose to publish it.

For nonfiction submissions, please include a brief outline or summary. Also, be sure to cite quotations from other sources. If your manuscript is accepted for publication, it is your responsibility to obtain permission to use all copyrighted quotations that do not meet U.S. Fair Use standards.

How to Send Us Your Manuscript

Please email your manuscript, as a Microsoft Word attachment, to Do not send your manuscript in pieces but rather as ONE document. Manuscripts emailed in multiple files will not be considered. Do not include photos or graphics in your manuscript. Do not typeset or design your manuscript or send it in pdf format. Do not add extra formatting to your manuscript.

Please allow three to six months for a decision. We appreciate your interest in publishing with us.

1 comment

  1. I currently serve as Stake Relief Society President in the Sudbury Ontario Stake (Canada), and recently purchased "Simple Steps for More Meaningful Prayer" by Leigh Brown.

    We have Stake Leadership meetings this weekend (September 15) and our theme for Relief Society is "Internalize the Gospel;"meaningful prayer is definitely part of that process.

    I do apologize for the short notice, but as part of the training, I would like to share a few of Sister Leigh's ideas, together with a simple handout to include quotes from our General Authorities (and naturally also including the name of the book and its author).

    Because of the short notice, I hope to speak with someone at Walnut Springs for permission, but am also sending this request in the event this may reach the right person in time.

    Thanks so much.

    ~ Donna Mazzei