After college graduation, Jennifer Weston takes a summer internship with a newspaper in a seaside village in Oregon. She hopes sea breezes and solitude will heal her heart after a bad breakup with Vince, and the pain of her father remarrying only four months after the death of Jennifer's mother.

Jennifer resolves to have a no-romance summer and to give complete dedication to her newspaper column. But life has other plans for her. On her first morning in Windridge, she literally runs into Larsen Morgan, a handsome EMT. Then there's the newspaper's publicist, Aaron Johnston, who considers himself God's gift to women, and who only notices Jennifer after he discovers she is LDS. Her troubles continue with Vince, who won't give up their relationship as easily as she had hoped.

Adding to her adventures, Jennifer soon gets mixed up in the crazy lives of some new friends. Through it all, she finds her heart changing and learns that some resolves were meant to be broken. Especially when it comes to true love.

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