Cupcake Girl

Seventeen-year-old Max Rodgers has had a crush on his best friend, Lexie Duncan, since forever. From their childhood games as the unstoppable superheroes Strong Man and Cupcake Girl, to carefree days at the lake to the ups and downs of high school, the two are inseparable.

But after Max finally finds the perfect moment to kiss Lexie, she abruptly leaves for the summer with little explanation. Heartbroken, he begins to search for meaning in his life. And when she returns, facing her own demons, everything he once thought he knew about her has changed.

Will Max and Lexie realize they need each other, or will Max lose Cupcake Girl forever? A story of courage, hope, and newfound faith, this book is a must-read for those who believe in the power of love.

"Amazing! Fantastic! Fabulous! And every other word out there that speaks the praise that I give this book!" —Erin Napier

Author: Catherine Doxey White

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