Escape to the Sea

A year and a half after Shanna King was abandoned at the alter, her uncle convinced her to work as a singer on the cruise ship he captains. Soon she learns Uncle Carl's true motive—to pair her up with his first officer, Riley Evans, a handsome young widower. For six months on board the Oral Oasis, Shanna has refused to succumb to her uncle's match making attempts.

Life at sea gets more complicated as precious jewels are stolen from the Coral fleet cruise ships. Shanna"s diamond earrings, a gift from her deceased father, end up missing. When the cruise line investigates the modern-day piracy, dangerous events are set in motion, and Shanna looks to Riley for rescue. The ocean has healed her heart, but will he open his to love again?

Author: Tera Mecham


  1. Nice book review! It seems like a romantic story that is set in the cruise ship. I will give it a read and will share my review about the story.

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