Friday, October 17, 2014

Escape to the Sea

Waking in Tombstone

When Libby Campbell, dressed like a boy, escapes her abusive Kansas City master, she pleads with a preacher to take her with him to his church assignment in Tombstone, Arizona. Arriving in a city reeling with tumult after the terror of the OK Corral shoot -out, Libby and Cotter impact the pandemonium with their steadfast hard work and faith.

Cotter— drawn after the historic Endicott Peabody of Massachussetts—tames the upheaval with heartfelt sermons, a baseball team, and the construction of a beautiful chapel that still stands as a monument to what one man, awake and dedicated, can do in an environment of disruption and fear.

"It's a clean page-turner." Deborah Bazotti, Daily Herald

Author: Marilyn Brown

Living it Down

Carrie Burke has it all—marriage to a successful lawyer, two lively teenage daughters, a beautiful home, he gospel. Why isn't she happy? Confused, joyless and depressed, she questions her own worth and decides to take a "time out" to reevaluate her life. Her husband Morgan calls it selfish. Carrie calls it self-preservation. Renting the basement apartment in Aunt Sophie's Vintage Victorian home brings its own set of challenges.  Coincidence brings an old flame, Todd Kendall—a man Carrie never wanted to see again—back into her life. To guide her daughter through a moral crisis with a predatory boy, she realizes she needs the help of both Todd and Morgan. In her spiritual quest to reconnect with her values and reclaim her best self, Carrie yearn to find joy again, and in the process discovers that maybe there's no such thing as coincidence.

Author: Pamela Williams

A Strand Of Doubt

Jana Clawson has a propensity for Chinese food, M&M's, and chocolate chip cookies, and she deals with opposition with a wry sense of humor. She is caught up in a whirlwind known a Trevor Willis, the most eligible non-Mormon bachelor in Portland. He is perfect in every way, but will his secrets be too much for their relationship?

While Jana escapes to the Oregon Coast to make a decision about Trevor, a car accident stirs Jared Carpenter—a physical therapist with kind brown eyes who never turns down a homemade meal— into the mix. Unknown to Jana, events set in motion six years ago threaten everything she holds dear, and her life depends on one or both of these men. Combining suspense, intrigue, action, and understated humor, this book will keep you turning pages.

Author: Donna Fuller

Borrowed Angel: Coping with the loss of a child

Borrowed Angel is the poignant story of a mother who lost her first child to sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). In this captivating book, the author describes her journey through the gauntlet of grief and reveals how hope can be found even amid tragedy.

Weaving spirituality with a practical approach to healing, Borrowed Angel reflects on motherhood, the grieving process, and the power of the Atonement of Jesus Christ.

"I loved this book.." Sann Grave

Author: Erica Kiefer