Friday, July 23, 2010

Free Book Friday--Haunts Haven

Congratulations to Lynn Parsons winner of last week free book, Redemption by Susan Dayely.

Today's free book is Haunts Haven by Joan Sowards.

Entering is easy, but you must be done by MIDNIGHT MST THURSDAY, JULY 29. We will announce the winner July 30.

To enter, leave us a comment with the answer to the weekly question. Make sure to include your email address if it isn't found on your blog profile.

The weekly question is "Would you move into a supposedly haunted building?"

When Callie Wilford inherits a century-old inn in southern Arizona, locals tell her of a ghost who "guards" the inn. But Callie doesn't believe in ghosts, and she plans to turn the inn into a bed and breakfast. Then things start to happen - strange, spooky things - and she begins to wonder if there is some truth to the ghost stories. If that weren't bad enough, Callie discovers a mysterious grave in the cellar. As she confronts the inn's tragic secrets, she also faces her lonely past and learns to embrace her heritage. But it takes a handsome cowboy and a charming rancher to prove that Callie's long-guarded heart can love again.


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  2. I guess that would depend on who was thought to be haunting it! :-)

  3. Yes, because I don't believe in ghosts. But I look forward to reading Haunts Haven, and maybe changing my mind!
    Thank you, Cyndi

  4. If it was a benign ghost. I wouldn't want to move in with a poltergeist - I have grandchildren for those kind of antics! :>)

  5. I have to say no. I'm too big of a chicken!

  6. Hmm... Great question. I'd say yes, but then I don't like to hear things that bump in the night that will scare me, so maybe no. However, I don't believe in mean maybe I will. However, I wouldn't mind writing about a ghost - or a haunted house. I would also love to read about a haunted house!!! (grins)


  7. I would have to say no. I like to sleep without worrying that I'm going to feel the presence of someone else in the bedroom. It's bad enough waking up to a husband wearing a C-pap mask. I'm not sure that I totally believe in ghosts, but I love reading about them.

  8. I grew up in a haunted house, and find all the unhaunted ones since to be rather lacking in character...! I think a book that explores the concept of if there even are hauntings and what our existence means within the larger context could be very fine reading.

  9. Totally. Actually think I did live in one for a few years.

    The funny thing is I have a favorite "old homes for sale" site that I window shop on. One day they had an ad for a "haunted" house and a second ad for a mortuary. The kids were with me on the wishing we could buy the haunted house but were completely disgusted by the mortuary. Go figure.