March Giveaway

Check out for a chance to win one of two great prizes.

The first giveway is

The Puzzle Book for LDS Kids, by Arie Van De Graaff

The Puzzle Book for LDS Kids is the perfect solution for keeping a child quiet and busy at home, in the car, or during sacrament meeting. Filled with a wide variety of gospel-centered puzzles, this book will entertain a child for hours. The book is ideal for ages five to nine, but it will be loved by children of all ages.

Coloring Book: Keeping the Commandments, by Madeline Elsey

This big coloring book is filled with gospel-oriented pictures that focus on being servants of the Lord and keeping the commandments. Illustrations of some scriptural examples of obedience include Daniel in the lion's den, Joseph Smith translating the gold plates, Noah building the ark, and much more. This coloring book is packed with detailed and delightful illustrations and will be the perfect solution when you and your children need some quiet time.

The second giveaway is
Loyalty’s Web, by Joyce DiPastena

This book was a 2007 Whitney Award Finalist in the Best Romance/Women's Fiction category.

The year is 1176, and the Earl of Gunthar and his knights have been sent to France by King Henry II of England to enforce a peace treaty. The rakish earl falls in love with Heléne de Laurant, the younger, spirited sister of the beauty he is supposed to wed in an arranged marriage designed to unite the two countries. But when Heléne and her family are accused of plotting against the king, Heléne is torn: should she betray the man who could send her family to the gallows, or should she follow her heart and risk her safety to save him?

Easterfield, by Anna Jones Buttimore

In 1850, Catherine Waters of Lancashire, England, meets Mr. Wilson, a Mormon missionary from America. Catherine is receptive of Mr. Wilson¹s message, but before she can be baptized, she learns that her uncle is in dire financial straits. Catherine accepts an unwanted marriage proposal from the wealthy Mr. Davenport to save her family from poverty, despite the fact that he refuses to allow her baptism to take place. But when Mr. Wilson also proposes to Catherine, she is left with an impossible decision. Will she abandon her family, or the man and gospel she loves?

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