Recently Released Titles

We've had a couple of new titles released within the last couple of weeks.

The Route
by Gale Sears (check out her blog)

Zipping along life’s highway . . .

Fifty makes you think. Thirty makes you morose, and forty makes you panic, but fifty makes you think. Half a century, and what is my life? Does it resemble anything I dreamed at sixteen, or expected at twenty, or hoped at twenty-five? What am I doing on this planet? I realize that spiritual geniuses have been pondering and answering that particular question (or one similar to it) for thousands of years, but for me enlightenment is a grueling process. . . . I thought of climbing to the top of a high mountain in Tibet to consult a wise man, but I like vacations where there’s indoor plumbing and vegetation. Since I already attended church, I thought perhaps I could pay closer attention. Maybe I’d been missing a great fundamental truth. Well, come to find out, I had been missing something. . . . (The Route, prologue)

Carol, a middle-aged wife and mother, has been pondering the meaning of life. On a trip to the grocery store to find some energizing dark chocolate, she sees a sign asking for volunteers to deliver meals to the elderly. When Carol decides to take a chance and help out, she’s in for a life-changing—and route-altering—experience.

“Absolutely delightful! The Route shows all the depth and talent of Sears’ previously published masterpieces in a witty, fun-filled romp full of warmth and humor. This is a book to read in one sitting—and then run out to buy for all your friends!”—Kerry Blair

“Filled with compassion, humor, and wisdom, The Route is a soul-pleasing feast to be savored by women of all ages, seasons, and circumstances. This is a narrative of lessons learned and hearts explored—it is at once poignant and tender, funny and feisty.”—Shauna Humphreys

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Under a Lakota Moon
Deborah L. Weikel

As a divorcĂ©e in 1870 St. Louis, Rosalynn McAllister is a branded woman. When she is presented with the opportunity for a new life with her sister’s family in Peaceful, Minnesota, Rosalynn believes it is what God wants for her. But Rosalynn arrives in Peaceful only to find that her sister Susan has run off, her brother-in-law Mike is dead, and her niece and nephew are in the custody of the town’s minister. Furthermore, Mike’s handsome half-brother, Lone Wolf Larson, who now owns the family farm, stirs feelings in Rosalynn that she didn’t know existed.

When Rosalynn and Lone Wolf must marry to obtain custody of the children, Rosalynn assumes it will be a loveless marriage. After all, no man could love a divorced woman, and she can never trust a man anyway. Lone Wolf, persecuted for his Lakota Sioux heritage, also has trust issues, yet he secretly feels that Rosalynn is his destiny. Will Rosalynn and Lone Wolf put aside their fears and learn to embrace love, hope, and forgiveness? And will their faith and courage see them through seemingly insurmountable trials?

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