Signings Photos

Joyce DiPastena, Victoria Gunter, and Ronda Gibbs Hinrichsen have been busy at signings lately and we have the pictures to prove it.

Joyce at AZ Costco's

Ronda's Book Launch Party at Reflections of Utah LDS Book and Gift

Josi Kilpack, Ronda, Jody Durfee, Becki Clayson

Victoria's Signing at Ensign Book Stores, CA

Victoria, Josi Kilpack, Julie Wright

If you've never been a part of a book signing, checkout what Joyce and Ronda had to say about their experiencs and what they did to make them successful.

Book signings are an interesting thing. They can be a lesson in humility--I didn't know that many people didn't like me and will do everything they can to avoid me. They are lesson in marketing and advertising--some tools works, some don't. I've also found that signings bring out true friends.

And while signings aren't an everyday occurrence for most people what have you done to make them successful. We've done fliers, postcards, emails, drawings, and facebook/blog/twitter updates. We've hung signs, posted it in the newspaper, provided food, and begged/gave guilt trips to/encouraged our family and friends to attend. What have you done that's been successful?

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