Recent Reviews of Haunts Haven and Missing

Christmas is just around the corner and who doesn't need a great book to curl up with after the busyness of the holidays dies down.

Two of our recent novels, Missing by Ronda Gibb Hinrichsen and Haunts Haven by Joan Sowards, would make a great gift for someone on your Christmas list--or for yourself. :)

Below are small snippets of what's being said about these two novels. For full reviews check out the sites.

Why Not? Because I Said So


Missing is a fantastic first novel. . . . You will find a little bit of everything in this book: Some romance, loads of mystery, humor thrown in throughout the pages and of course the heartbreak associated with Stacie's past experiences and the utter turmoil shown by the parents of the missing girl. . . . I highly recommend this book for readers that love a good mystery, those that enjoy angst in their stories and those that are also looking for a light romance that could/should/may probably does...happen.

Random-Ish by Nichole

Haunts Haven
This is a sweet story written in a similar style to old-fashioned ghost stories told around a campfire. Haunts Haven differs from your average every-day LDS story in that it includes ghosts, which is something I’m not sure has ever been done in the LDS market. Or, at least, not that I’ve seen. . . . Even though I’ve had tons of stuff going on, I finished [it] quickly. Haunts Haven is a short, quick, read through in one sitting type book, and I enjoyed my time spent with Callie, Lizzie, James and Clay.

The fast paced story kept me reading from beginning to end, and even though I’ve had about a hundred other things to do this past week, I zipped through the entire book because I just had to know what happened next. . . .
Great book, thrilling read all the way to the end. And yes, it was worth taking a break from Dan Brown for a couple days. Missing was much more romantic, less gruesome, and easier to read and understand. I can’t wait to see what Ronda writes next.

My Musical Advent Calendar

I stayed up way too late reading Missing. I know I should have just used a bookmark and put it down, but I got so involved with the story and the characters. I just had to know what happened. I was reading late at night because I made the mistake of telling my teenage daughter how good the book was before I had a chance to finish reading it. She started reading it after school, while I was still working, and I had to wait until I could get her to stop reading and go to bed before I could get it back again. She couldn't put it down either without some parental intervention.

Ali Cross

Haunts Haven
I don't read a lot of LDS fiction, because it used to be that much of what was out there was, well, less than stellar. But I love ghost stories, and when I saw Haunts Have: An LDS Ghost Story, I just had to check it out.

It's a debut novel by Joan Sowards, and I have to say, Joan? You did great girl!

And not only is this a fine ghost story, but it's a lovely romance too. I'm not sure what I expected, but I definitely got more than I was bargaining for in this wonderful story.

I enjoyed the characters, especially Sid the teenage clerk at the hardware store (he has a lot of silly jokes which I got a kick out of.) The character development was excellent; I was really impressed with Joan's ability to build the characters so well, even those that had smaller "walk-on" roles. Well done!

I would highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys LDS stories, and is looking for something a little different.
Haunts Haven

If you like paranormal you should give Joan Soward and this book a try. She will not disappoint you.

Rebecca Talley Writes

Haunts Haven

If you like ghost stories and mysteries mixed with romance, you['ll] enjoy this book.

Queen of the Clan

Missing is a gripping novel that kept me plastered to my coach, eyes reading as fast as I could, and swatting my kids away to go make PB&J for dinner. I just couldn't put the book down. This is an excellent first book by Ronda Gibb Hinrichsen. I hope she'll have another book out soon!

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