Free Book Friday Giveaway--Queen in Exile

What did our winner of Winning Mr. Wrong do to impress a guy?
Our winner, Tina, went on a marathon date (6 + hours) in an rusted out van with no air conditioning or water in 115 degree weather and she was sick most of the time. No wonder the date was a disaster.

Today's free book is Queen in Exile by Donna Hatch.

Entering is easy, but you must be done by MIDNIGHT MST THURSDAY, September 2nd. Winner will be announced September 3rd.

To enter, leave us a comment with the answer to the weekly question.
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The weekly question is
"Have you ever done something you never thought you'd do? What was it?"

Rumors of war hang over Princess Jeniah's peaceful country of Arden, a land that shuns both magic and warfare. Following a lifelong dream, Jeniah forms a telpathic bond with a revered creature called a chayim, who is prophesied to save her kingdom. But when a Darborian knight comes upon Jeniah with her chayim, he sees only a vicious monster about to devour a maiden, and he slays the beast.

Devastated by the loss of her chayim, and fearing that her own magic is evil, Jeniah doubts her destiny. When an enemy invades Arden City, they slaughter the people, storm the castle, and execute the entire royal family except the princess. Rescued by the knight who slew her chayim, Jeniah is now heir to the throne of Arden and the only hope for freeing her people from tyranny.

On the run and hunted by enemy soldiers, Jeniah must place her life and the fate of her kingdom in the hands of this trained killer. Torn between embracing her destiny as queen of Arden, and her love for a mere knight, she must ultimately rely on her magic to save herself and her people from death and tyranny.


  1. Sounds like such a great book! One thing that I am doing that I never thought I would is serving in the Relief Society Presidency. Over the meetings formerly know as homemaking. So not in my comfort zone!

  2. I went river rafting and fell in. I hate the water and would not have pick to do it on my own.

  3. Something I never thought I'd do was start my own blog, but...I did!

  4. I never thought I would live in Chile for three years with my husband and three small kids! But I did and moved back to the USA two months ago :)

  5. I never thought I'd pass both diploma exams of violin and piano. It was just a faraway dream when I was a young kid and now I have done it! It feels pretty great. Seems like I'd finally achieved something! :)

    You can reach me at

  6. I never thought i would be able to ride a huge roller coaster, I used to be terrified of them!! After I got brave enough to try it, I love them!! Thank you for the contest!

    inthehammockblog at gmail dot com

  7. I never thought I would run in a full marathon. That is 26.2 miles, and I did! With tons of reassuring blessings that I could raise the money and not have it come out of my pocket, and that I could do the distance. I raised 2500 dollars for charity and ran it in 7 hours and 3 minutes in rain, snow, slush, hail and huge wind that threw me off the road. I almost got run over by a few cars where people were mad that I was in their way, and I got splashed by passing cars. I was slow, I started an hour and half before earlier than everyone else, and came in dead last, but I did it... and then when I thought I would never do it again... I did! 5 months later =0) this time with out all the extra weather and with 45 min off my time. ;0)

  8. I've been saying for years I will NEVER ride in an upside down roller coaster. But, when my husband and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary, I went for it. Totally awesome! I still hate heights, but I've since expanded to water slides--as long as I can't see how far up I am. :)

  9. There was lots of things that I have never thought that I would do. One is moving in w/ my brother and my SIL,and it has been an interesting adventure.

    Another one was back in high school. I never thought that I would be a student to a Princess. She was my math teacher. She was a princess of Tonga. That one was very interesting.

  10. I never thought I'd start writing a book of my own but, alas, I have. May never finish it though.

    Awesome contest. Really been wanting to read this one.


  11. When I was younger I never thought I would write a novel.

  12. I grew up as an only child and hated babysitting or anything to do with homemaking. I even took Shop in Jr. High instead of Home Economics. If someone had told me that I would be a stay at home mom with 6 children (and that I would love to sew, cook and do crafts), I probably would have laughed at them! But here I am. I don't think I had even changed a diaper until my first was born.

  13. Just stumbled upon your blog and I am following it. I want to have posts emailed to me because I am just too lazy to read in my google reader. I didn't see a widget to subscribe to emails. If you install one, will you let me know.

    Much thanks!

    ntaylor228 at yahoo dot com

  14. I never thought I would go skydiving. On a trip to visit my uncle we drove to Beaumont, TX from Lafayette, LA so he could do a weekly skydive with his group. I ended up twelve thousand feet in the air strapped to one of his hippie buddies flipping out of a small Cessna with a sign inside that said "no farting." It was fantastic!