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Today's free book is Finding Rose by Stephanie Humphreys

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The weekly question is
"If your father's deathbed wish was for you to marry a stranger, would you do it?"

Rose stood and dropped her father’s hand. “You’re tired, Papa.” She pulled the quilt over his thin shoulders and kissed him on the cheek. . . .

“Think about what I said.” He gently squeezed her hand. “I wish you would consider giving Miles a chance.”

“Miles! I wish Sean had never brought him here. He’s so serious. In all the time he’s been here, he’s hardly ever smiled. . . . He annoys me and I wish he would go home.” Still, Rose couldn’t help but think of his gentleness when he cared for her father.

On his deathbed, Rose Sterling’s father asks her to consider Miles Crandall as a suitor. Then Rose is sent to live with an uncle in Spring Creek, Montana, far from her carefree life with her family in Utah. Miles is returning to his hometown of Spring Creek to set up a medical practice, so Rose is certain her being sent there is a setup. Yet Miles doesn’t seem interested in her, and after Rose falls ill in Montana, he seems content to act as her physician and friend. When Rose captures the attention of Miles’s younger, flamboyant brother as well as the town sheriff, Miles retreats even further from any attempt at courtship.

How can Rose honor her father’s last wish if Miles doesn’t even try to court her? Will she have the courage to put her heart on the line and fight for the one she really loves?


  1. No I am already married, so I wouldnt marry a stranger :P If I wasnt married, then I still probably wouldnt anyways lol

  2. My answer would be an unequivocal...maybe.

    I would honor my father's deathbed wish if it were couched in terms that I take a look and consider marrying his chosen man. However, these days, marrying a stranger would depend on so many factors, such as:

    Does he share my religion, values, and devotion to God and country?
    Is he at all interested in me for my good qualities?
    Could he overlook my not-so-good qualities?
    Is he healthy, and a straight-shooter?
    Is he honest?
    Does he have a short temper and/or violent tendencies?
    Is he financially secure, or looking for a Sugar-Momma? (Not that I'm a Sugar-Momma!)
    Is he literate, and at least semi-cultured?
    Does he share any of my hobbies/passions?
    Will he allow me time for my own pursuits/work?
    Can we each foresee a future together?

    You know, does he meet my tough requirements, and I his? Then I could marry the stranger. His looks, build, and sexiness aren't as important as his inner strength and goodness.

  3. Heavens no! :)

  4. That is a touch question. How far will you go to honor your father! I would have to say... my first gut reaction would be no, but i would be willing to meet the man, and get to know him, before deciding.

  5. NO I actually wouldn't do it just because he said too. I love my dad but I feel the need to make that sort of choice on my own with the help of my Heavenly Father.

  6. My dad I might listen to but my mom, no way!


  7. Hard to answer because although you say he is a stranger you also say he is the one she really loves. In that case, I would go for it. If it was someone I had never met - no way Jose!

  8. No I would not. My father is a very wise man but in this his ideas and mine are not always the same.

  9. I don't think I could do it. I really don't.

  10. No, I would never marry a stranger, but your question reminds me of the book and movie Love Comes Softly.

  11. A big fat NO. That is so medieval. I mean, what if we're total opposite and hate each other to the bones? That won't work. Ever. But well, I would give that stranger a chance since my dad must have wanted the best for me.
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  12. No, thank you very much. My dad's 'ideal' is different from mine. I'd like to hold my future in my own two hands.

  13. No, I don't think so. I trust my father, but I am not so sure I could make a life long commitment just based on that.

    annacoelhosilva (at)gmail (dot) com

  14. No but I'd try to get to know the person. If my father thought enough of this person to think I should marry him, then I'd give him the time so we could get to know each other. Who knows, maybe I'd marry him after all.

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