Get to Know You Monday--Douglas Dobberfuhl

We're excited to introduce you to the newest author to join the Walnut Springs Press family, Douglas Dobberfuhl,

author of Overcoming Addiction: A Twelve-Step Companion Guide.
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  1. What is your favorite food? Not favorite food, but topping – peanut sauce – like you find in Thai food.
  2. Do you prefer chocolate or vanilla ice cream? Vanilla – it is the blank canvas upon which I can create a culinary masterpiece of hot fudge etc.
  3. What is one food you despise? beets
  4. Where did you grow up? Northwestern Wisconsin, small farming community called Barron
  5. Is there a book that changed your life? The Dark is Rising series – Teen fiction – made me want to be a writer.
  6. What is your favorite sport? Is Frisbee a sport?
  7. What is your favorite song? No one compares to you was “our” song while we were dating – my wife and I
  8. What one place would you like to visit that you haven’t? Madrid
  9. What is your favorite thing about yourself? I’ve never stopped asking Why?
  10. Do you like to dance? I used to go to all the stake dances and could keep a pretty good beat. When I came home from my mission, I couldn’t dance anymore
  11. Do you play a musical instrument? I used to play Tuba in the High School band. I was skinny enough that the instrument hid me pretty well
  12. What is the strangest thing you ever did? When I was ten I climbed onto the roof of one of our sheds, ran across it and leaped into the air into a pine tree that was seven feet away. I’m still not sure why I did that.
  13. What is the strangest food you ever ate? Tripe – gagged on it
  14. What was a favorite adulthood event? I loved going to Grad school. My mind really expanded during that time.
  15. What was a favorite childhood memory? After kindergarten, I’d go home with my grandma and eat lunch at her house and then we'd take a nap.
  16. Are you a beach, country, or city person? Beach – I love the beach.
  17. What cartoon character best describes you? A cross between Bugs Bunny, Sylvester the Cat and Droopy the dog – based upon the kind of day I’m having.
  18. If you could live anywhere in the world for a year, where would it be? Someplace remote where it’s me and the wild – maybe on the Himalayan plains.
  19. Are you a collector of anything? I’m somewhat of a book fiend. I love books, buying books. I could spend a whole day in a book store.
  20. Were you named after anyone? I like to think I was named after Gen. Douglas MacArthur, but I don’t know that for sure.
  21. Do you like your handwriting? It has gotten worse over the years. Thank goodness for the laptop.
  22. What book are you reading now? I just finished reading On Grief and Grieving helping people to deal with loss.
  23. What is the best gift anyone has ever given you? When I was seven or eight, I got a Star Trek Command Center with all the action figures.
  24. What was the best decision you’ve ever made? Easy – marrying my wife Stephanie
  25. If won a million dollars, what would you do with it? Give everyone I know ten grand and then pay off debt.

Doug and his family


A twelve-step guide to healing from addiction

Overcoming Addiction: A Twelve-Step Companion Guide answers the often asked question: How do I work the Church s twelve steps? With exercises, meditations, scriptural examples, and real-life stories of recovery, Overcoming Addiction is designed to be used hand in hand with the Church s inspired manual. This companion guide helps the addict to more completely experience the power and promises of the twelve steps, and to apply the Savior s atonement to achieve lasting sobriety.

Overcoming Addiction is an essential tool for anyone struggling with addiction, as well as for family members of addicts and for professional counselors and addiction-recovery group leaders.

In this insightful, empowering manual, Doug Dobberfuhl guides the reader through the complicated and challenging journey of working the Twelve Steps of recovery from addiction. . . . The power behind this guide is that Brother Dobberfuhl has lived what he has written, the most powerful credential of all. The manual is practical, straightforward, and honest. It guides the reader through each step, explaining exactly with insight and clarity what is required to work the step from a gospel perspective. . . . I highly recommend this to anyone struggling with addiction or living with an addict. This guide can become a personal journey that changes a life. --Tamera Smith Allred, therapist, Pulitzer Prize nominee

Don t leave home without it. . . . Where the LDS Addiction Recovery Manual is akin to a GPS, Overcoming Addiction is a guidebook. Use this guidebook and you will more deeply understand the steps of recovery along the way. Questions will be answered and fears assuaged. This journey of recovery is to recover your spiritual and physical life. Shouldn t you have all the information pertaining to the trip? Shouldn t you have, at your fingertips, the spiritual insight and understanding that make each step mean so much more? This workbook will do that for you. It did for me. --Rod G.


  1. Great interview. I too love vanilla ice cream and hate beets. I am a HUGE fan of the twelve steps. (Changed my life.) This book looks really terrific. So important. I am so grateful to see something like this being published.

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