Free Book Friday Giveaway--Overcoming Addiction

Congratulations to hedgerhousehold, winner of Just Shy of Paradise by Carole Thayne Warburton.

Today's free book is Overcoming Addiction: A Twelve-Step Companion Guide by Douglas Dobberfuhl

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A twelve-step guide to healing from addiction

Overcoming Addiction: A Twelve-Step Companion Guide answers the often asked question: How do I work the Church s twelve steps? With exercises, meditations, scriptural examples, and real-life stories of recovery, Overcoming Addiction is designed to be used hand in hand with the Church s inspired manual. This companion guide helps the addict to more completely experience the power and promises of the twelve steps, and to apply the Savior s atonement to achieve lasting sobriety.

Overcoming Addiction is an essential tool for anyone struggling with addiction, as well as for family members of addicts and for professional counselors and addiction-recovery group leaders.

In this insightful, empowering manual, Doug Dobberfuhl guides the reader through the complicated and challenging journey of working the Twelve Steps of recovery from addiction. . . . The power behind this guide is that Brother Dobberfuhl has lived what he has written, the most powerful credential of all. The manual is practical, straightforward, and honest. It guides the reader through each step, explaining exactly with insight and clarity what is required to work the step from a gospel perspective. . . . I highly recommend this to anyone struggling with addiction or living with an addict. This guide can become a personal journey that changes a life. --Tamera Smith Allred, therapist, Pulitzer Prize nominee

Don t leave home without it. . . . Where the LDS Addiction Recovery Manual is akin to a GPS,Overcoming Addiction is a guidebook. Use this guidebook and you will more deeply understand the steps of recovery along the way. Questions will be answered and fears assuaged. This journey of recovery is to recover your spiritual and physical life. Shouldn t you have all the information pertaining to the trip? Shouldn t you have, at your fingertips, the spiritual insight and understanding that make each step mean so much more? This workbook will do that for you. It did for me. --Rod G.


  1. I would like to win this title because I'm a Bishop who has never experienced addiction but would like to better understand the process of recovery.

  2. i would like to win this book because i am a 23 year old mother of 2 young children and have been battling with meth addiction since age 14 & have recently decided to stop using & need some guidance.