Free Book Friday Giveaway--Double Deceit

Congratulations to LorettaLynn who won a copy of Hearts Through Time

This week we're giving away Double Deceit by Stephanie Humphreys.

Entering is easy, but you must be done by MIDNIGHT MST THURSDAY, June 9th.

To enter, leave us a comment with the answer to the weekly question. Make sure to include your email address if it isn't found on your blog profile.

The weekly question is
"Has someone you loved ever deceived you?"

Elaina soon accepts a job working at a small bookstore owned by the handsome Ryan Hill and his mother. Despite her reluctance to become romantically involved with anyone, she is drawn to Ryan and finds herself falling in love.

But someone isn’t happy with Elaina’s new life and is watching her every move. Her tormenter seems determined to destroy her sanity and her future, but Elaina can’t convince anyone the threat is real. Natalie is preoccupied with her own blossoming romance, and Ryan and Elaina’s friend Peter seem to believe the threat has been manufactured in her own mind—a result of her guilt and grief.

Now Elaina’s plans for a new start are crashing down around her. She knows she will have to find the answers on her own before she can ever overcome the past and enjoy love and happiness again. But how can she protect those she loves when she doesn’t know whom to trust?


  1. Yes, an old ex-boyfriend and it was awful. I don't want to relive that experience.
    mkbrander at yahoo dot com

  2. Yes, I have. I don't want to spell out the details. I have forgiven him. :)

    deadtossedwaves at gmail dot com

  3. LOL what a funny time to ask that question. It recently happened to me. How can someone do that?

  4. Yes, my x-fiance created a life of lies. Thankfully I found out before we were married. It was a hard time though.

  5. No, I have never been deceived by someone I loved, as I haven't experience love yet. Thank you for the giveaway!

    Sophia L.
    sophiayunjin at gmail dot com

  6. Yes, my siblings fib to me all the time, but I have been lucky enough that nobody has ever lied to me about something really important.


  7. yes. someone i trusted and loved.. but he just lied to me the whole time. id*** ! haha but still, the feeling is still there. so even though he deceived me, i still want him :/

    punkme15 at gmail dot com

  8. Yes, though I don't know how intentional it was. I think they were trying to protect me more than deceive me.


  9. It's painful.

    I follow you.


  10. i guess the answer would be...yes.

    kmkuka at yahoo dot com

  11. Yes. It was awful! I hate being deceived.

    angloft at gmail dot com

  12. I knew--I knew after years of suspition,I found out 1st hand in the fall and was depressed all winter.I still to this day have an untrust in relations

  13. Seriously! Everybody's got that bad boy/girl in their past that makes you wish you knew then what you know now. Unfortunately, yes.

  14. Yes, I have an ex-bf or two that deceived me.

    meredithfl at gmail dot com

  15. I haven't had any problems with deception in my life.

    princesslife101 at gmail dot com