Need a Christmas gift idea? Look no further than our recently published titles.

Do you have someone who loves historical novels? Then you should give them the final volume in the Free Men and Dreamers series, In God Is Our Trust by Laurie Lewis

In God is Our Trust (Free Men and Dreamers, book 5) 

And this be our motto In God is our trust. 

America exits the War of 1812 battered but determined under the leadership of the last men tutored by the Founding Fathers. As she is welcomed onto the world stage, new leaders prepare to thrust an aggressive platform on the nation, threatening America's unity and her brief period of prosperity and peace. The country's trials have prepared a choice generation, but as adversity afflicts the Pearson home, Hannah enters a crisis of faith, questioning man's interpretation of God's word. The struggles plaguing the Pearsons affect Frannie and the six families with whom the Pearsons have become entangled during the war. As a new religious reformation dawns in America, the Pearsons and Snowdens become involved with a young man from Hannah's past Joseph Smith whose accounts of visions and dealings with angels strain tender relationships and test the Constitution's guarantees of religious liberty.

Or maybe you're wanting to buy yourself a present and what could be better than a book filled with wisdom and inspiration to go along with the study of the Book of Mormon next year?

by Leigh Brown

Understanding and gaining a testimony of spiritual matters will bring us happiness and peace for today as well as eternity.

The Book of Mormon is full of spiritual insights.
Wisdom and Inspiration from the Book of Mormon brings together some of its most uplifting insights in one easily accessible collection. Each page contains an important gospel principle, a supporting scripture, and a correlating quote from an Apostle, prophet, or LDS scholar.
At the bottom of each page is a point to ponder or a suggestion for applying the principle.

Pick up this book to find quick insights from the Book of Mormon to lighten your life and bring you more understanding of the spiritual things of God.

Or maybe you're going to be getting an eReader for Christmas will wanting to purchase some books in January. 

Secrets after Dark by Marie Higgins

No Escape by Anna Jones Buttimore

Dangerous Favor by Joyce DiPastena
Defenders of the Covenant by Angie Lofthouse
Targets in Ties (A Secret Sister Mystery) by Tristi Pinkston

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