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Mo Matheson’s biggest worry is perfecting her layup and beating Joe Parker on the basketball court. Then a tragedy shatters everything, including her relationship with him. Struggling to make sense of life and support her family, Mo learns to rely on her faith. If she lets go of her bitterness, she might allow Joe back into her life . . . and her heart.

Excerpt from Book 

A cracking noise echoed through the house. Mo turned. Fire now churned on the upper stair, moving down like a fiery waterfall . . . until it stopped. Halfway down the stairs was a black, cavernous gap. Loud clattering followed as unseen timbers fell.
“We’ll have to jump to make it to the front door,” Dad said. That’s when Mo realized the midsection of the stairs had burned away, cracked and crumbled. “You two first!” He placed one hand on Mo’s shoulder and the other on Nathan’s.
The flames on the lower railing flared an angry orange.
Mo wiped her eyes with her nightshirt. She stared at the hole in the middle of the staircase, wondering if she could make it.
“Four steps, then jump,” yelled Dad.
“One—” The flames on the first step licked up toward the bottom of Mo’s flannel pants.
“Two—” Nathan grabbed her hand in a crushing grip. “Three . . . four.”
They jumped.

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