End of "The Route"

Sorry for the play on words, but I just couldn't resit. :) Today is the last stop on "The Route" blog tour and what a ride it's been. We would like to thank everybody who has participated, both the reviewers and those who have following the blog tour. Remember to comment on the post for a chance to win a free copy of The Route.

(picture from Gale Sears)

To find out what Gale thought about participating in a blog tour. Keep reading! : )

WSP: What has been the most enjoyable about participating in a blog tour?

GS: I think the most fun has been getting to know the great people who have participated. Good people who love books and want to help writers get exposure for their work.

WSP: Where you ever nervous about reading any of the reviews?

GS: I wasn't nervous about reading the reviews. Most were very positive, and those with any concerns are things I can look at and evaluate. A reader's feelings concerning a book always helps me strengthen my writing.

WSP: As part of the tour you've been posting service opportunities, how have people responded to it.

GS: People have had a very favorable reaction to the blog. Several have told me that it's made them aware of the service opportunities all around them. Service can be as small as opening a door for someone, or smiling at a stranger on the street. (check out her blog for some great ideas on her service)

WSP: Is there a common review theme, or the way that reviewers have responded to, the book that has surprised you?

GS: I was delighted by the fact of how attached they became to the folks in the book to whom I delivered meals. Since the book is written in first person, many said it gave them the feeling of actually being on the route and stepping into the homes of these wonderful people. That was gratifying.

WSP: Do you like giving author interview?

GS: That's been fun. You feel a closer connection with the person asking the questions because it's like you've sat down and had a little chat.

WSP: What has been your favorite thing said by one of the reviewers?

GS: Actually several have remarked how this little book has made them ponder about "the route" we all travel to that final destination. I liked that because that's exactly what delivering meals-on-wheels and being part of the lives of those amazing people did for me.
I also loved when they said they laughed and cried...sometimes simultaneously. That's life, isn't it?

If you haven't had a chance to enter for a chance to win a free copy of
The Route, it's not too late. Comments left until 15 September at midnight MST will be entered into the contest. So start commenting away! (and commenting on this post counts)

The Book Nest
"I think anyone who has worked with or loved anyone who is in this stage of life will find something to appreciate in this book."

Mormon Hermit Mom's Book Habit
"Get a box of tissues, ladies. This one plays your heartstrings like a master on a Stradivarius."

Boojoos and Aprilcots
"It is actually a quite funny, very heartfelt and honest account of a woman stepping out of her comfort zone to help those who need it, who (as is often the case) end up helping her so much more."

Of Good Report
"At first Carol sees her volunteer work as doing something good for the senior citizens on her route but along the way she realizes that they bless her life too as she gets to know and appreciate each one of them."

Blog the Day Away
"I finished reading this book and immediately went on Amazon to order two more as gifts. This is exactly that kind of book. There are so many wisdom nuggets in this book that I’ll warn you, I had to tear myself away to go and find a pen."

Reading for Sanity
"The characters ranged from kind, gracious and loving people living in nice, but humble homes, to ornery people living in trailers or run down apartments. Their stories were all different but in the end they all needed what Carol could and did give them---LOVE."

Lu Ann's Book Review
"The book did what it was intended to do. I learned to care about these people enough that I was touched at their loss. It made me start to wonder what I could do to help the elderly or neighbors who were homebound."

*Tristi Pinkston, LDS Author
"I have always felt an affinity for my elders, and "The Route" reminded me of just how important it is that we stay connected to members of every generation. . . . I give a big round of applause to this touching novel.

Amesbury Reads
"The Route is will make you want to reach out and serve those around us."

Tangled Words and Dreams
"I laughed, I cried, I came away satisfied and inspired. . . .This is a book that belongs on the shelf of every Relief Society president and elder care provider. For that matter, it belongs on the shelf of anyone who’s ever questioned whether or not a little bit of service can make a difference.

Not Entirely British
"Gale Sears’ book, The Route, touched my heart. The warm and funny writing had me reading on, despite the need to sleep. . . I give this book ten out of ten for originality, insightfulness, and tender moments.

Jewel's World
"I loved all the characters in this story because they were all diverse and I know women that are exactly like each one."

Rebecca Talley
"I recently read this book and, wow, what a delightful, inspiring, and thought-provoking book. I LOVED it. The voice of the main character, Carol, is humorous and insightful. She discovers truths about herself while she freely gives service to the elderly people on her lunch route."

Of Writerly Things
"Anyway, the book was a fun ride. It made me ponder the age-old questions of why some suffer so much more than others and what can we learn from the elderly in our own lives. How will we treat aging parents when they can no longer adequately care for themselves? Carol changes and grows through her experiences and so do we alongside her."

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