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There has been a lot written about Illuminations of the Heart, but many don't know that it was based on some minor characters from her first novel, Loyalty's Web. With the release of Illuminations of the Heart, Loyalty's Web is once again back in the news. Here is a recent review of Loyalty's Web from Marthasbookself.

This is a superbly written, action packed, “classic” medieval romance! I say “classic” as I see this in the tradition of the top historical romances I have read – rich in authentic details, descriptions, characters and plot!

I love HelĂ©ne’s character! She is smart, brave, humble, resourceful, and caring without being hysterically emotional. . . . The romance is sweet and balanced well with the action elements of the book. This book is a page turner that keeps you anxious to know what happens, but then I was sorry to come to the end!! I will definitely be looking forward to more wonderful books from Ms. DiPastena! Thanks for a great read!

from MarthaE

If you liked, or loved, Illuminations and haven't read Loyalty's Web, you should.

And here is a new Illuminations review from Bella Online

I am not a romance reader. I'd like to say "Never have been, never will be." But that wouldn't be true. When I was in junior high . . . I devoured them. Hundreds. All. (At the time.) But it's been decades since I've desired to read another one. . . .

I couldn't put [
Illuminations] book down.

I admit it. Me. A non-romance-novel-lover.

Call me silly for not liking romances, but there you have it. Yet Joyce's book I could not put down. Not because it was a romance, but because simply . . . well, it just was so well crafted in the art of storytelling

C.S. Bezas

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