Get to Know You Monday--Tristi Pinkston

Yes, it's been a while since we've done our Get to Know You Monday, but it's a new year and with that comes a new resolution to start again.

So without further ado meet Tristi Pinkston,

author of Dearly Departed

1. Do you prefer chocolate or vanilla ice cream?

I really believe that vanilla ice cream is only good for a foundation for your hot fudge, caramel, and butterscotch syrup. To eat it plain … no. It’s got to be chocolate all the way.

2. When you have an hour of free time, what do you like to do?

I love to read (that’s probably not a huge surprise) but I also like watching good movies, scrapbooking, and taking naps. Of course, writing is right up there on my list, but I tend to think of my free time as being spent away from the computer.

3. What is the strangest food you ever ate?

When I was a teenager, I had the chance to go to Russia. While there, I was served a plate of raw fish. I decided to eat a piece, just so I could brag to all my friends and thereby win some admiration. Well, all I won was expressions of disgust and disbelief. My little plan didn’t work.

4. Are you a 'morning' or 'night' person?

I have heard of this thing you call “morning.” I have heard stories of a bright ball in the sky coming up over the mountains and how it is very beautiful. This is a mystery to me. Um, yes, I am very much a night person. My brain just doesn’t kick in before around ten a.m.

5. Would you rather take pictures or be in pictures?

If ever a person has been uncomfortable having their picture taken, it would be me. Especially formal pictures. I’m just not good at posing. I always worry that I’m smiling too much or too little or that my eyes aren’t open enough … I would so much rather be on the other side of the camera.

6. Are you a collector of anything?

Not anymore. I used to collect stuffed animals, and I had some nice porcelain dolls, but after I got married and started my family, my priorities took a really sudden shift and I found that I didn’t enjoy certain things like I used to. I donated the animals to the shelter for women and children, and sold the dolls in a yard sale. Now I collect creative, intelligent, and stubborn children.

7. Do you have any celebrity crushes?

Well, since you asked … I have a major crush on Pierce Brosnan. I fell in love with him when I was ten years old and he was Remington Steele. Over twenty years later, he still makes my heart pitty-pat. What can I say … I had really good taste as a ten-year-old.

8. What color shoes are you wearing?

I hope my chiropractor isn’t reading this … I am currently barefoot. I’m supposed to be wearing supportive insoles all the time except for when I’m in bed, but I have a really hard time doing that. My little footsies prefer to be free.

9. What are you favorite smells?

The three best smells in the world, according to Tristi, are freshly baked bread, cinnamon, and baby washed in Baby Magic.

10. What book are you reading now?

No Stone Unturned by Jeanette Fratto. It’s a literary mystery, and it’s really interesting.


I write because it's the only way I've found to keep the little voices in my head quiet. I also don't feel content unless I've done it. It's like an internal driving force that pushes me forward, and unless I give in to it, it doesn't give me any peace. That almost sounds like I'm addicted or possessed, doesn't it? I promise, I'm not. But it's fulfilling for me. It certainly makes me a happier person when I do it.

Wedding Day

LDS Storymakers 2005

Tristi's excitement over receiving Dearly Departed

Tristi presenting at a conference


  1. Tristi, Amen to your answer on vanilla ice cream. Well said.

    Remington Steele was a great show. I was very disappointed when he was passed up as James Bond the first time because he couldn't get out of the R.S. contract, but it eventually happened and he is my favorite James Bond.

  2. I have a terrible confession to make ... I have never watched a Brosnan Bond movie. I am definitely going to have to rectify that situation.

  3. Tristi, sorry the raw fish plan didn't work out. It sounds like something I would do to impress people.

  4. Ditto on the vanilla ice cream, raw fish and Pierce Brosnan. But, I highly recommend every Brosnan Bond movie - my favorite marathon when I'm lazy or not feeling well.

  5. Ah, yes. I love Pierce Brosnan too. I think I learned some new things about you today.

  6. I love your collection of children. They do come in all kinds of shapes, personalities and creativity! Thanks for sharing the interview!

  7. I'm fully convinced - I'm heading into my Netflix queue now and shall do some adding.