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Fabulous Freezer Meals is a collection of over 200 recipes for dishes that can be frozen, then reheated and served later. Each recipes uses everyday ingredients and includes easy-to-follow instructions for food preparation and freezing. With the unique ideas in this book, you will quickly and easily stock your freezer with delicious meals, ensuring that you always have a handy meal in an emergency. Best of all, you can create convenient meals that are healthier than fast food and pre-packaged frozen foods.

Fabulous Freezer Meals will help you:

*Reduce food preparation and cleanup time.
*Package meals according to your family size and preferences.
*Cut down on trips to the grocery store.
*Save hundreds of dollars every month on your grocery bill.

Fabulous Freezer Meals will improve your lifestyle by saving you time, money, and sanity!

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  1. Best Cooking Tip: When cooking a recipe for 4 but only serving 2, cook the whole amount and then save some for leftovers.

  2. When cooking pasta with a sauce ALWAYS under cook the pasta by 2-3 mins, drain, and then add to the sauce to finish cooking. This gives the pasta the chance to soak in and marry with the sauce. If your sauce doesn't have enough liquid you can add a 1/2 cup of pasta water for the pasta to absorb. Yummers!

  3. Best Cooking Tip: When baking rolls, you can alleviate extra rising time and form rolls right after mixing dough by adding an extra teaspoon of yeast and bake wonderful light rolls in less time.

  4. Tip: Don't ever put anything in the oven on hi broil. You will burn it to a crisp.

  5. My best cooking tip - when you bake a cake, take it out of the oven just slightly underdone. It will finish baking in the pan on the counter after you take it out of the oven. This way, you'll avoid dry cake. And never put it on top of the stove when you remove it from the oven - the stove is hot and will keep cooking the cake!

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  7. When boiling pasta (on the stovetop or microwave) add a splash of olive oil to prevent it boiling over.

  8. Start planning dinner right after breakfast to avoid a last minute rush.

  9. Invest in a garlic press, and keep some fresh garlic on hand. It's worth it! And, to get the garlic smell off your hands, try some salt, some lemon juice, or both.