Free Book Friday Giveaway--Gluten Free Made Easy

Congratulations who won a copy of Fabulous Freezer Meals by Jenny Stanger.

Keeping with the cooking theme, this week's free book is Gluten Free Cooking Made Easy: Delicious Recipes for Everyone by Susan Bell.

Gluten Free Cooking Made Easy is available from,, and your local LDS bookstore.

Entering is easy, but you must be done by MIDNIGHT MST THURSDAY, February 24th. Winner will be announced February 25th.

To enter, leave us a comment with the answer to the weekly question. Make sure to include your email address if it isn't found on your blog profile.

The weekly question is
"What's your best wheat allergy/celiac disease advice?"

People with celiac disease and gluten sensitivity need to own a copy of this book. It is a great resource presented in a beautiful way. The recipes add diversity and nutrition to a diet that frequently lacks these important components. Amy Yoder Begley, celiac Olympian

Think you'll never be able to eat your favorite foods again? Afraid you'll never again taste a delicious muffin or slice of bread? Gluten-Free Cooking Made Easy: Delicious Recipes for Everyone is the solution you've been looking for. Peter HR Green, M.D., author of Celiac Disease: A Hidden Epidemic

No more preparing two separate meals at dinnertime - one for family members with celiac disease and one for those without it. With Susan Bell's kitchen-tested recipes, you can serve meals your entire family will love. In this book, you'll find delicious breakfasts, breads and muffins, main dishes, soups and salads, side dishes, desserts, drinks, and even home-canning recipes. This informative cookbook also features:

* Gluten-free kitchen basics
* Tips for eating out
* Shopping lessons and warnings
* Main-dish meal planning

With Gluten-Free Cooking Made Easy: Delicious Recipes for Everyone, you can eat your favorite foods again!


  1. I actually have Celiac's Disease. I was diagnosed in January of my 9th grade year so about 3 years ago. It's still really hard to deal with, especially considering my love of all things wheat and weakness for food as a whole. My main piece of advice is to connect with other people who are having to cope with Celiac's disease or gluten intolerance. You can learn a lot that way and it's great for support, having someone who understands.

    My mom and I are having a terrible time finding good gluten-free food and I would love to be able to win this book.


  2. Luckily, I don't have Celiac but a good friend of mine was recently diagnosed and could certainly use this book. Like the comment above, the best thing she did was get in contact with 1) others with celiac and 2) talk to a dietitian who was also able to offer some great advice.

    melacan at hotmail dto com

  3. So much more information is available now for suffers. I would say best advice is use the internet and books to learn about this disease and the proper way to eat. I was diagnosed as a tiny child in the 1950's as wheat allergic. But no one educated my Mom so she banned wheat bread but kept feeding me white bread and I was sick all my childhood. I didn't begin to understand this lifestyle change till the internet came into being and I was past 50 years old.
    I would love a chance to win as I always am looking for great new recipes that fit for me.
    rubymoonstone at gmail dot com

  4. My daughter had symptoms similar to that of celiac disease and has been ill for over a year now. She has tested negative but still seems to sensitive to gluten, fat and acidic foods. At least now we know what to limit or avoid. Knowledge is the key. Perseverance in getting treatment and diagnosis is also essential. We found a great section in the grocery store that is set up for food allergies and gluten allergies and celiacs. Finding a great souce of food is a matter of a lot of leg work and trial and error but we did find a few. My advice, find a good source, meet with a dietician and persevere with doctors.