Walnut Springs Press March Madness 16 Questions--Marie Higgins

Marie Higgins' four novels show her true creativity. Who else could do romantic fantasy (Secrets after Dark), historical time-travel (Hearts through Time), historical western (Heart of a Hero), and a modern day romantic comedy (Winning Mr. Wrong)?

Secrets after Dark

What is your favorite line, scene, or character from one of your books and why? Oh good grief! You’re going to make me pick? I have a favorite with each of my four books. But I’ll go with my latest release, Secrets after Dark. My favorite scene is when Hannah gets lost in the forest and is almost attacked by rabid dogs and Morgan comes to rescue her. He speaks to the dogs and they run, then he lifts her in his arms and carries her back to the house and to the East Wing of the manor – where he resides.
Why do you write in the genre you do?
I love historicals! I personally think they are so romantic. The people back then had higher morals, and the women’s gowns were so beautiful. Okay, so maybe I write because of their clothes, because I love Victorian era gowns. 

What are you working on next? At the moment, I’m taking a break. But I do have a time-travel idea in the back of my mind that will start bugging me soon, I just know it.

Do you map out your stories beforehand or do you let the characters direct the story? When I first start a story, I have a general idea of what’s going to happen. I know who my characters are and what they want and what will keep them from getting what they want. If there is a villain, I know his/her motivations. Then I start writing, but from that point, I have no clue how the story will end. I love being surprised at the end, too!

In one word describe the best thing about being an author. Imagination

In one word describe the worst thing about being an author. Rejections

When did you know you wanted to be an author? About 17 years ago is when the realization came that maybe all the stories in my head (and dreams I’ve had) might make a good story someday. That day came when I’d watched a good romantic movie with a stupid ending. I had a dream that night and when I awoke, I thought it might make a good story. That’s all it took for me to pick up a pen and notebook and start writing. I haven’t stopped since.

How do your beliefs shape how/what you write? Well, I believe in God, and in my stories, my characters believe in God as well – or they soon find God. Not all my stories are Christian romances, but God still resides in my stories.

What's the last book you finished? Writing or reading? The last book I finished reading was a Christian romance from my friend Lily George who is published with Love Inspired. The last book I finished writing was Secrets after Dark.

What's on your nightstand now? Nothing, because I know I won’t read anything before I go to bed. All my book are in my computer room on my bookshelf. When I’m ready to read a story, I just pick one out. Currently, though, I’ve not been in the mood to read.
Which author (dead or alive) would you most like to have lunch with? Kathleen E Woodiwiss – because her books were the first romances I’d ever read…and the reason I fell in love with romance novels.

Book you read that you wish you hadn't. Too many to count.

Book that changed your life. This would have to go to Kathleen E Woodiwiss again. If not for her, I would have become a couch potato that had dreams of books and not ever thought to write one.

If they were to make a movie of your favorite book, who would play the leads and why?

Gerard Butler would definitely have to play my cursed hero in Secrets after Dark. He did such a great job playing the Phantom in “Phantom of the Opera”. As for my heroine…I have no clue who would play her.

Book you most want to read again for the first time. I couldn’t choose just one. Too many ‘favorites’ for me to count.

What book would you give to a child? I haven’t read many childrens’ stories, so I’m at a loss for an answer with this question. 


  1. Ooohhhh!!! Perfect pic of Gerard Butler!! Thanks!!

  2. Hi Marie, thanks for the shout out! Great interview, and I agree--rejections are the worst.