Walnut Springs Press March Madness Sweet 16 Questions-Anna Jones Buttimore

Multi-talented Anna Jones Buttimore hails from across the pond (England). 

With her beautiful descriptions you almost feel like you're in Wales (No Escape) or rural England (Easterfield).

What is your favorite line, scene, or character from one of your books and why? 
My favourite character is probably Rodney from Honeymoon Heist, because he's geeky and uptight, but he's also an absolutely brilliant guy who really loves his wife and blossoms in a crisis. He's not your usual romantic hero and I like that about him. People keep commenting that he's a lot like my husband, but ironically I wrote the book before I met Roderic. But naturally my husband is lovely and brilliant too.

Why do you write in the genre you do?
I write in lots of genres! So far I've done two gentle hard-to-define novels, one historical and two suspenses. I really must pick a genre and stick to it!

What are you working on next?
I am seeking a publisher for a sci-fi/fantasy YA novel at the moment. I'm also working on a novel about an LDS woman whose RM son joins another church, and the changes that happen in their family as a result. That's really challenging and interesting.

Do you map out your stories beforehand or do you let the characters direct the story?

I just start writing and see what the characters do. I usually only have a rough idea what will happen at the end as I start, and some of what I write just peters out before it gets very far. But it's great when a story weaves itself naturally.

In one word describe the best thing about being an author.
Writing. See my blog post http://www.vformation.blogspot.com/2012/03/best-thing-about-being-writer.html

In one word describe the worst thing about being an author.
Rejection. Ouch.

When did you know you wanted to be an author?
When I was very, very young, probably when I discovered that books are written by people. I grew up saying I wanted to be an authoress.

How do your beliefs shape how/what you write?
I will never write a sex scene. I very much believe that intimate moments should be kept private between husband and wife, even when the couple is fictional. Even though not all my books are specifically LDS, I really want my writing to uplift and inspire.

What's the last book you finished?
I just finished reading The Violets of March by Sarah Jio for my book club. We - the book club - didn't think it was very well written, it was too cliched and unbelievable, but nevertheless we quite enjoyed it.

What's on your nightstand now?
I have a huge pile on my nightstand. There are several Ensigns in there, a couple of books I am reviewing, two collections of short stories by John Wyndham (one mine, one from the library) and topping it all is my Kindle which includes the next book I have to read for book club, two more I am reviewing and two I am beta reading. And a couple of Terry Pratchettsreally want to read but can't justify until I've read everything else.

Which author (dead or alive) would you most like to have lunch with?
Kerry Lynn Blair. She's a wonderful lady, a talented author and a great friend, but she lives in Arizona and I only see her once a decade at the moment. Failing that, Stephenie Meyer. She lives in Arizona too. Perhaps I could have lunch with both of them?

Book you read that you wish you hadn't.
I can't name it because it wouldn't be fair to the author, but it was absolutely dreadful. I struggled through it, convinced that somehow it had to have one redeeming feature somewhere or it wouldn't have been published. I later found out it was self published. It convinced me that all self published books are a waste of money, badly written and filled with mistakes. I have been told many times that I am wrong in this assumption. If I had never read that book, I might not have such a jaded opinion.

Book that changed your life.
There have been many, but the books that changed my life most recently were Twilight by Stephenie Meyer and The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency by Alexander McCall Smith. After my degree (in English Literature) I took a break from reading, as though it had all been too much effort during my degree. I cared for my small children and watched far too much television, but only occasionally read books. When I did pick up a book it would often
have lurid sex scenes or something else unpleasant, so I largely gave up on reading. But I joined a book club because my friends went, and one of the first books on the schedule was The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency. It was a wonderful book, beautifully written and an absolute joy from start to finish. I bought and read the entire series and there were many wonderful lessons and inspiring scenes in those pages. And Twilight, of course, enthralled me just as it has millions of others. I think it is these two books which have turned me back into the avid reader I was as a child. I am now once again reading into the small hours.

If they were to make a movie of your favorite book, who would play the leads and why?
My favourite books have already been made into films, so can I cheat and pick one of my own books? In order to write my as-yet unpublished sci-fi/fantasy I picked actors for the parts so that I could better imagine the characters. 

I'd have Freddie Highmore as Emon

Thomas Sangster as Titan (the baddie)

David Hewlett as the mad scientist just because he absolutely stole the show in Stargate Atlantis and I'd love to give him another opportunity to do what he does so well.

Book you most want to read again for the first time.
I recently re-read The Chrysalids by John Wyndham which I first read as a teenager. It's such a powerful book and it had such an effect on me that I remembered parts as I read it again almost thirty years later. I'm now excited about re-reading all the other amazing John Wyndham books. In fact, I don't know that I've ever read The Kraken Wakes.

What book would you give to a child?
That would depend on the age of the child. Pre-school children love The Gruffalo and anything by Julia Donaldson is wonderful. As a child I really liked The Farthest Away Mountain by Lynne Reid Banks and Danny the Champion of the World by Roald Dahl.


  1. I love your character choices! Fun to read your answers.

  2. so can I deceive and choose one of my own books? To be able to create my as-yet unregistered sci-fi/fantasy I selected stars for the areas so that I could better think about the figures.

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