Fall just keeps getting better

The absolutely stunning weather at the moment and all the Whitney nominations that we're receiving are just making us happy.

Way to go Jason Lloyd Morgan for The Waxing Moon, Betsy Love for Soulfire,  Tanya Parker Mills for A Night on Moon Hill,  Angie Lofthouse for Defenders of the Covenant,  Theresa Sneed for Earthbound,  C. Michelle Jefferies for Emergence, Jenni James for Northanger Alibi and Persuaded, and  Tristi Pinkston for Turning Pages.

And if you haven't read any of our novels, now would be the perfect time to do so. Last year all of our novels received a nomination and we'd love for it to happen again this year. If there's a title you'd like to nominate follow this link.

No Escape by Anna Jones Buttimore
Secrets After Dark by Marie Higgins

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