Readers Meet . . .

Readers meet MichaelTanyaMichelle, and Kylee--the newest authors to have joined the Walnut Springs Press family.

Michael Snapp is the author of How to Treat Your Pregnant Wife: A Common Sense Guide.

How to Treat Your Pregnant Wife is a funny, and poignant, look at  helping your wife through pregnancy.

And in Michael's own words as to why he wrote the book: Why would a man write a book and blog about how to treat his pregnant wife? Because after we realized my wife was pregnant, with our fifth child to be, I finally realized things I should have been doing, or at least doing more of all well as plenty of things not to do nor say! I started keeping notes for myself to serve as reminders when it finally hit me one day that I couldn't be the only one who needed reminders. The bottom line is I wrote it because men need some simple tips and cues to help make pregnancy more enjoyable, or at least more bearable, for their wife.

A Night on Moon Hill is a moving story of love, understanding, and discovery.

Why are understanding and discovery such important themes in A Night on Moon Hill? I'll let Tanya tell you why: I grew up overseas, in a part of the world that has seen a lot of conflict–the Middle East–so the pacifist in me tends to view the world in terms of what we have in common, not what drives us apart. The stories I write will always reflect that in some fashion. I’m most interested in writing “fiction that bridges cultures.” The cultures may be national, geographical, religious, political, or even social. It doesn’t matter. They all need bridging. 

C. Michelle Jefferies is the author of Emergence

Emergence is a fast-paced spy novel novel filled with redemption and love. And yes, they can go together.

Many of Michelle's loves have found their way into Emergence: Married to the guy her high school boyfriend introduced her to; she claims the last 20 + years as her education and mission experience. With a passion for secret agents and all things Asian she writes about bad boys turned good and fantasy of the urban type. All while beating herself up three times a week in Karate class as she works toward her black belt in Tang Soo Do. 

After reading Make It Happen: A Guide to Happiness for LDS Singles, you'll want to go after your dreams-big and small.

Kylee has embraced life and has filled her life with a number of wonderful things. See: My name is Kylee and I am passionate about life. I went to BYU and got my BA in English and a minor in Linguistics. There is something very powerful in putting words together and expressing human emotions. I also attended ASU and got my Masters in Social Work. I work as a family therapist at The Anasazi Foundation. I get to do therapy with amazing adolescents out in the deserts of Arizona. My office is on the trail and I get to throw rocks, hear hearts, and get to know some incredible kids from all over. When I am not with my family, hanging out with my friends, or working I absolutely love to travel. I have been to Egypt, Ghana, Italy, Mexico, Canada, Ireland, Scotland, and almost all 50 of the states. I love music—singing, writing songs, playing the piano, and listening to other musicians.

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