LDSBA Convention

It's hard to believe that it's already August and another LDSBA Convention just opened. Getting ready for the convention is always a lot of work. Publishing lists have to be finalized, covers created, blurbs written, and catalogs put together,etc. that it's is almost a sigh of relief when all of the prep is over and we can just enjoy the actual convention. The convention is fun because it allows us to catch up with friends and booksellers and to see what is going on in the LDS book market. Plus it gives me the perfect opportunity to tell everybody about our upcoming titles which I get so excited doing because I feel that we are doing so many wonderful books and think that they should be in every bookstore and read by everyone that comes in. The convention does provided some good entertainment. I would be lying to say that it doesn't bring out some interesting characters and products, it does. But it is this uniqueness that makes it remarkable. If you are coming to the convention, stop by Brigham Distributing and say hi.

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