Week 2 highlights

Here are just some of the highlights from the second week of Illuminations of the Heart blog tour. If you haven't checked out the full reviews, you should.

Of Writerly Things

First, can I say, Joyce DiPastena knows her medieval stuff. She majored in it in college no less, receiving a degree from the University of Arizona. She is true to the time frame throughout her story, introducing the reader to terms like "crenellated," "portcullis," and "primogeniture." You may have thought "mail" was something that showed up in a box outside your home or on your computer, as in You've got it but no, it's "a flexible armor made of small, overlapping metal rings." (I got that from a glossary in the back of the book.) . . . I highly recommend it. -Valerie

Frespa Fan

DePastena weaves a thrilling tale of swashbuckling sword fights, sweet love scenes, and political intrigue. An understanding that could have been a satisfying ending occurs a hundred or more pages before Triston and Siri finally battle their way through several challenging complications to more complete fruition. . . . This is a very good read, to which I give my highest praise of five stars. -Anna

Of Good Report

I do love a good romance, and I mean a good romance novel. Illuminations of the Heart is clean . . . What makes it even better is that it is a historical romance novel which, in my opinion, is the best kind. . . . Through many twists and turns and thrilling chase scenes and, of course, romantic scenes, the book ends in an exciting and unexpected way. Appropriate for adults and teens, I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a good romantic novel! -Kimi

Rachel Rager

If you love a good romance book, this book is clean and beautifully written. The characters come alive on the page as the vivid images of the summer 1179 are brought to life. Joyce has done a stunning job at weaving a masterful tale and sharing it with the world. . . . If you loved Loyalty’s Web, you will love this too! -Rachel

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